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Your kids make me laugh out loud! And, pls support Believe in Green

Can’t believe I forgot to mention here my ardent support of the Believe In Green Initiative by my friend Tera Warner (Raw Divas).

Check out my interview here, as one of the 10 authors interviewed to help support the Lower East Side Girls Club in NYC. It’s a really cool thing: young girls go into low-income schools with their bicycle-powered blender and teach kids about whole foods and fitness–and even green smoothies.

If you contribute $10 to the cause (we’re trying to raise $10,000), you can hear not only my interview but the other 9 experts as well, including some of my heroes like Victoria Boutenko, Ani Phyo, and Sarma Melngailis.

SO SORRY the site crashed for so long this week–it’s happening often on days I send out a newsletter because too many people go to the site and it gets “throttled,” whatever that means. We’re working on it!

I just read some of your children’s responses to my questionnaire, for quotes to put in my upcoming children’s book and cracked up! Maybe I’ll share some of the best ones here on the blog, because it looks like

I won’t be using them in the book. A children’s book editor told me my plans are too ambitious and I need to cut down page count.

By the way, I wrote a whole different book. Version 2 is fiction.

It’s called The Adventures of Junk Food Dude and Green Smoothie Guy.

If you’re a person who has opinions, likes to express them, and is willing to read/review the new book and tell me what you think, please contact us ( I would love to hear your feedback.

It will take you all of 10 minutes to read, and I’d love it if you read it to your child if you have one age 4-10, and let me know if he or she was engaged. (Without illustrations as of yet.)


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