If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will

So I taught my second class in a week at Dr. Christopher’s in Springville last night.

Seems like someone always comes up after a class with a phenomenal story of what happens when you undertake the whole-foods habits I teach. Patricia and Steve Terry (with me below) were the last in line to ask questions and sign their book.

Patricia’s daughter Tricia and other family members were summoned, from out of town, to say goodbye to Patricia’s 89-year old mother. I’m told Grandma was bedridden and dying. Tricia put her on lots of green smoothies and after two weeks, Grandma was not only out of bed, but also mobile, walking on the treadmill, and saying, “I feel like I could run a mile!”

The family was astonished. So Steve, a cardiac patient, was impressed. He got my book  The Green Smoothies Diet. He began the habit himself after blood tests on 5/14/2010. He was waving his test results–turns out he brought me my own copy! His triglycerides were a whopping 389, far more than double the top of the normal range. His blood pressure was 160/110, yikes!

He was excited to tell me that at his blood draw less than 2 months later, he’d lost 30 lbs. The chart he brought from his doctor shows triglycerides at 153, a reduction of over 60%, and blood pressure well into the normal range at 109/81!

I love hearing these stories. Steve and Patricia then catalogued for me all the people in their lives to whom they are enthusiastically endorsing whole foods habits starting with a daily quart of green smoothie.

I love these stories! They are my air and water. They make my day and keep me keepin’ on with this mission. Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who shares this information with others. Please send the link to this story to someone you know struggling with heart disease.