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In your 60’s looking like this!

So here are a few photos from my class last night in Springville. Thanks to volunteer Bob, who was a trouper showing us how long it takes, and how unpleasant it is, to chew up a couple stalks of kale and chard. That’s about 25% of what you get in a quart of green smoothie daily. (If you are chewing chard and kale, don’t let me dissuade you. I just like to talk about what happens when you break down the cell walls of your greens, making nutrition instantly available and so easy to eat without drowning it in gobs of salad dressing.)

Check out 12 Steps to Whole Foods followers (and sisters) Carolyn (left), age 61, and Kathleen (right), age 65. They have beautiful skin and they look 15 years younger than they are! They came up and said something to this effect about my program:

“Please tell people this works! Especially against the nasty effects of menopause. If people only knew what eating whole foods would do for them, they would all do it.”

Carolyn was run over by a forklift and severely injured 15 years ago. Changing her lifestyle, she is off all meds. And Kathleen has balanced her hormones by eating plant food.

Love y’all in Springville, thanks for coming!

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