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your child’s quote in my book

Thanks for enlisting your child’s quotes to help me write the best nutrition book available for children!

I got lots of emails through my support team, from moms willing to have their children interviewed. The book is written, recipes are done, and we are planning photography and production.

The daunting piece was interviewing your kids via the phone, so I’ve come up with an easier way.

Email Jenni and Jackie at if you didn’t already write us to volunteer and you want your child age 4-13 to participate.

(If you DID volunteer, I have a list and will be emailing you. However, since I thought I’d be calling everyone, I don’t have email addresses for a few of you. That’s Shellie V., Ambre, Amber P., Valerie D., Lisa St., Jennifer Ga., Laura Mo., Amber P., Tina H., Wendy S., and Tiffany L.) If that’s you, please write so we have your email.

This is how it will work: YOU will read the questions to your child and capture a few of the best quotes and return it to me.

I think you’ll learn some interesting things from your children! Tell them they will be immortalized in a book so they will sit still for 10 mins. to talk to you.

Just capture the best quotes for me. I am looking for pithy, meaningful, funny, insightful, quirky, and just generally awesome stuff, in the voice of a child, about her choices and how she understands the consequences of those choices. How he uniquely observes the world around him.

If I use your child’s name and photo, it will be just one or two quotes–not an entire interview. No more than a few sentences each. Please record exactly what your child said, unedited.

And if I use your child’s words (I’ll notify those I am using), I will need a photo of her.

The more high quality the photo, the better, as this will be a hardback, four-color, photography-oriented book.

Of course I will send you an autographed copy as thanks for helping me, whether I use your child’s quote or not. Thus my request at the bottom of this questionnaire for your address.

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