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Plans for first-ever GSG retreat in Feb.

So I am going to do the first-ever retreat and it’s going to be a BLAST:

Overthrowing the Standard American Diet

One Family At a Time

GreenSmoothieGirl Parents’ and Grandparents’ Retreat 2010

I spent some time brainstorming what the sessions will be, what I think you’ll want to learn about. (I’ve a pretty good idea, reading a lot of your comments on this blog, and emails, the past few years.) But tell me so I know for sure, okay? What can I do for you, to make your parenting or grandparenting job easier?

The retreat will be in Utah, for two days, Friday and Saturday, February 25-26, 2011. Somewhere fabulous (and local, this first year, since my biggest core of readers are here): Provo Marriott, Midway Zermatt, something like that. We’ll check into it and let you know. Ideas welcome.

There will be a mini-retreat WITH YOUR KIDS AGE 5-12 (optional to bring them), for half a day on Saturday. We’ll have whole-foods tastings and ratings, awards for the kids as they open their minds and taste buds, a nutrition class geared toward their level of understanding, a hands-on try-it-yourself clinic to learn to make food for the family and learn to be leaders and helpers in your home.

On Friday and Saturday, I will teach some of the sessions on the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program.

I hope to release my kids’ book Green Kids Rock Out Loud that weekend and send everybody in attendance home with a signed copy.

I already have 3 parents I know who have been WALKING THE TALK for up to 30 years, who have agreed to speak and sit on a panel to answer your questions. Ask away, because they have fed their families a mostly raw diet for many years and their personal stories are AMAZING. Between the three families, they’ve beat cancer, heart disease (pacemaker), cystic fibrosis, and more. Shelley Abegg, Ruth Holmes, and Denley / Jan Fowlke . . . some of my personal heroes! I’m ecstatic that they’ve agreed to prepare, come, and share.

I want you to meet other parents who are doing this and have some opportunities to mingle and to share your ideas and energy, and send you home with a transcript of the ideas of this community of parents. That by itself will be worth your time because GSG READERS ARE AMAZING. Nobody requires your presence on this site and blog that explore living a quality life. So it tends to be truth seekers, creative parents, top-notch people who gravitate here. I personally can’t wait for that community to come together.

I want you to leave energized, empowered, and ready to take on the world. And I want you to leave really well fed. (Of course we will feed you fabulous whole-foods meals.)

You probably want me and my friends to cover some of these topics:

  1. Infant/Toddler/Nursing mom nutrition
  2. How to eat whole foods while traveling
  3. That awful subject . . . school lunch!
  4. Peer pressure for kids
  5. How to bring the spouse and kids on board

But that’s just what I want–or what I THINK you want. I’ll have a registration page up soon, but what do you want out of a retreat? Please tell me here.

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