I need a vacation from my vacation!

My kids and I are home from 12 hotels, 13 states, in 14 days. What a wonderful historical experience–but I am now doing a much-needed “Nothing But Green Smoothies” detox this week! My goodness, we did what we could, but we had little control over when and what and where we ate. I will tell you some fun stuff about my trip over the next week or so, with a few more photos.

But first, two things.

First, I want to post something by “Mom of 3” tomorrow and address the interesting issue she raised, of what happens when Grandma Comes to Town. (Wow, that sounded sinister.)

Second, I want to express my regret about having to cancel the class in Manhattan. Here’s the deal. We had 70 people RSVP’d. I had never been allowed to talk to the manager of the health food store hosting my show despite repeated requests.

Because of that, I got the sense, confirmed only later, that the rooftop where we’d be meeting could hold 25–if some were standing! Further, no electricity–thus, no demo possible. The “in-between” person who brokered the situation had never been to the location, it turns out.

Plus, you had to climb 8 flights of stairs to get to the rooftop. And it had poured rain all day, the forecast 80% rain through the night. (Remember, the venue was outdoors. The in-between said we could meet in the kitchen–it’s 90 degrees in there and holds only 25.)

We were between a rock and a hard place, my friends.

Well, after I made the call and had Chris send out an email to those RSVP’d, of course it stopped raining. But all the other factors still applied. Over 30 people did not get word and showed up, including some ladies who drove 6 hours from Connecticut.

I feel terrible about this, have never canceled a speaking engagement before. (Connecticut friends, Denley got your contact info and I am going to make it up to you.)

Anyway, I’m so very sorry. I hope I have the privilege to visit NYC again and speak in a different location. Please forgive me.

A couple of photos here: attending church in the District of Columbia, at the Smithsonian statue garden, and my children on the banks of the Susquehanna River in PA.

I posted lots more photos on my personal facebook page. (Most of my friends there are actually GSG readers, so come on over! Don’t forget to also “like” the GSG fanpage.)