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Consumer Reports on protein powders

Check out this Consumer Reports review of protein powders. I’ve said for a long time that 99 percent of them are anywhere from difficult to digest, to toxic. Here’s proof:

If you feel you need extra protein, hopefully you’ve been disabused of the idea that you have to eat lots of animal flesh to do so. You’ve been brainwashed that you need to, to build muscle mass, but it’s just that–brainwashing. By powerful industries (meat, dairy) and false nutrition doctrines (Atkins, Zone, etc.). “Perfect” proteins aren’t better; they just more closely match your own flesh. Plant foods average about 10% protein, which is ideal. They are proteins your body has to work to assemble from a free-floating pool of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Here’s my report on why it’s a myth that you need 20% protein:

Plant  Protein  Powders

If you want a protein powder, hemp protein is good, but gritty tasting. My favorite thing is SunWarrior’s brown rice, fermented, raw, vegan protein powder. It tastes great and is LIVE, enzyme-rich food dehydrated under 100 degrees. You can get some here, and it comes with 20 protein shake recipes, free:

Protein Shake Recipes

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