ideas from readers, part 3 of 3

This was posted on my blog this week by “mgm” but was deep in an old thread. I like this idea a lot, so I’m re-posting it here. If you are “mgm,” feel free to take credit:

I’ve been doing something at work to make the green smoothies look amazing to people, and I think it might work for kids, too. At work I use an easy to carry around Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender/Processor. Actually, I make all my smoothies with it – at home, too. Costs 30 bucks at Costco and pulverizes veggies well. Since I don’t have kids, and my husband has no interest in GS (sadly), something that small works fine for me.

Anyway, mix all your reds first (red cabbage, radishes, carrots, blueberries are what I use) and pour that in the glass – make enough to fill it half way.

Then do your greens (usually romaine or spinach with a little banana) and pour that in slowly. It makes an awesome two-toned smoothie of beautiful, vibrant colors – the colors aren’t mixed and don’t muddy each other up to an icky brown. And each one comes out different. It reminds me of the old Big Stick frozen popsicles that had side by side colors – fun and pretty to look at.