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GSG reader Brynna came up to me at the gym yesterday. She said a friend of hers doesn’t want to lose the benefits of green smoothies while they go camping, so she made LEATHER out of her GS in the dehydrator. It worked great! (Be sure to chase it with a big glass of water! All dehydrated foods need their water back, and they’ll take it from your stomach in the form of digestive juices if you don’t supply that water.) This is also a great idea when you are flying (rather than driving).

I always take a cooler of frozen pints of GS with me on road trips, but that works only when you’re in a hotel. Keep them covered in ice if there’s no fridge. Take straws, thaw a few hours before using, and shake well before drinking.

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  1. My husband and I just got back from camping. The day we left I made up a couple batches of green smoothie and put them in stainless steel bottles, we put them in the cooler with ice and they stayed good the whole time we were there! 🙂 We had them for breakfast and lunch. It was cheap and easy camping food, and our tummy’s felt better eating that than regular camping food! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! I have girl’s camp in August and I was wondering how I was going to get GS while on the mtn.

  3. hello: im an executive within hte franchising industry and was wondering what you now about monavie and how you rate it as a product?

    i ahve been using the drinks for a few mths now and would like to get into the business side of it. i already work with people worldwide looking fora franchise and i belive direct sales is the franchise without all the costs but i would like to make sure the product is great.

  4. I just spent a week up at Heber Camp with 22 girls, YIKES! But I was able to make GS every day because they have electrical powered outlets, YEAH! So if that is the kind of camping you get to do, take a blender and drink up. My girls all thought I was “GROSS.” I just explained to them how healthy and yummy they were as they ate the big HUGE, very UNHEALTHY muffins from costco along with all their candy. I offered them some but no takers. I love these GS’s they are awesome. I also took left over GS that I put in ice containers already frozen and kept them in the freezer at camp. I popped them into the blender with my other ingredients. Worked great.

  5. Those stainless steel bottles (e.g. Kleen Kanteen) are fabulous – keep the contents cool and fresh.

    I love my VitaMix but needed something for traveling. I purchased a Tribest personal blender. and I got the 24oz. blending container. It works great. After hearing about others who took it with them on airplanes, I inquired and found out that “…it was up to the discretion of the airport TSA agent whether to ALLOW the blender in carry-on baggage. It is accepted in checked baggage.”

    So I decided not to try to get it through in my carry-on bag.

  6. I made a wonderful cold raw borscht by accident because instead of adding kale to the Green Pudding recipe below I blended in beets!

    Add sprouted Aduki beans for crunch.

    Chia Seed Green Pudding:

    Soak 1 Tbsp chia seeds for 1 hour in 1 cup of water.

    In one hour you will have 1 cup of chia gel.

    Blend well:

    1 cup of chia jell (above)

    4 apples (sweet and juicy kind, peeled)

    lemon (juiced)

    4-5 leaves of kale

    1 sprig mint (optional)

    2 cups water

  7. David, please skip the Monavie–both for your own personal consumption and as a seller of this overpriced scam. I see people all over the place selling it. While someone new to natural health with a very toxic system might initially see benefits from its few minerals and nutrients, it’s basically VERY expensive grape juice with a few highly processed/heated/pesticide-laden tropical fruits thrown in–in amounts that Monavie won’t reveal, even on their own web site! I don’t know about you, but I won’t buy or consume ANYTHING whose manufacturer won’t tell me exactly what’s in it. What are they afraid of? Also, it contains sodium benzoate, a very health-damaging preservative. On Google, one affiliate claimed an ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) value of “over 1,000,” as though this were some kind of miracle. In contrast, my favorite antioxidant, by Health Force (Acai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Extreme), contains 3,955 ORAC per TWO CAPS, and there are 240 caps in the bottle (that’s more than 1 million ORAC per bottle). It costs about $55. and will last you anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on how much you want to take. Plus, there are no preservatives or excipients of any kind. Please do yourself (and your would-be customers) a favor and kick the Monavie to the curb where it belongs. The only good thing it has going is strong marketing, and it’s ripping people off in a BIG way. Feel free to quote me. I own the Natural Health Allegiance ( and my job is to educate people on these issues. I couldn’t pass this one up, as I don’t like to see people spend tons of money on poor products and then they end up thinking, when they don’t get results, that “health food” doesn’t work so they might as well resume their McDonald’s habit. Be well and get educated! Do your research!

    1. David, I agree with what Amanda has said here. (Thanks Amanda for taking the time to be educated and report here.) I have written about this subject in the past on this blog: expensive network-marketed products with claims like these. Who ever said we need to have ORAC scores of 1,000 or 4,000 anyway? We get plenty of antioxidants from normal, inexpensive greens, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, etc.

    1. Ellen, if you have a dehydrator, try making the green smoothie leather and let us know how it goes. Pack it in the bags you check!

  8. i just gave birth to twins and havent made a GS since their birth 5 wks ago. The blendr is a bit too loud to run when they are sleeping and when they are awake my hands are full and i dont want to subject them to the noise so closely either…. any suggestions please? I have a rhino blender. thanks

    1. Hannah, make it first thing in the morning when they’re awake and refrigerate or freeze it if you don’t want to make it every day. Or make triple batches and freeze when your husband takes them for a walk. God bless you–you have a big job on your hands!

  9. I used to worry when my airline pilot husband wasn’t getting his daily green smoothie doses while he was on the road, just when he probably needs it the most!

    Now I send him off with a fresh quart of smoothies for his two hour drive to the airport and a large thermos of fresh smoothies which covers the next two days

    We all know how tough eating well on the road can be, packing your greens makes a big difference. I want my pilot well nourished!

  10. Please, if you are hypothyroid, watch what greens and fruit you use!

    Spinach, kale, strawberries and pears are goitrens (see Wikipedia).

    My TSH went from 3.5 to 11.96 in 4 months. My white and red blood counts also went down. It’s taken a few months to get on track.

  11. I have a question….What is your thinking about making the GS with home fermented milk or almond kefir? I have been using it daily and adding the greens and reds, ground flax, sometimes quinoa, some spices and a little honey…very satisfying.

  12. Grace, I have been seeing things telling about Goitrens and having thyroid problems. I have als o heard any of the cabbage family falls into this category but don’t know how true it is. I am hoping this is all just pooey as I used Kale, Spinach, Berries, Chard and sometimes Cabbage in my smoothies every day. Guess I need to find more research on it.

  13. Grace, I have had a similar experience…my TSH shot up to 12.7. It’s disappointing, because I LOVE spinach, and kale too, in my daily GS. I am trying to substitute non-brassica greens now (chard, beet tops, romaine and other lettuces, and all the wild edibles like purslane and lambs quarters) and limiting raw spinach and kale to 4 cups/week. I also blanch or very briefly steam kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage before consuming. and, of course, increase iodine consumption with sea veggies

  14. For the Green Chia pudding… are you sure it’s 1 Tbsp. chia seeds that makes 1 cp chia pudding? Seems like it’s too small an amount.


  15. Robyn,

    what info can you provide regarding use of goitren containing foods in hypothyroidism? From the little I’ve read they recommend cooking food and eat in moderation which is contrary to GS. I frequently use large quanities of these in my GS. I’ve been doing GS since Feb and my thyroid was off a month ago when it was checked. Any suggestions?

  16. Amanda, Do you know any thing about MILA a chia seed blend. It is being promoted by LIFEMAX , A MULTI LEVEL MARKETING CO. .I have been using it for about three months, have lost some weight, and seem to have more energy. I started making fruit smoothies at the same time I started using MELA. So, I don’t know whether the results I have experienced are from the MILA or the smoothies. Is MILA another high priced hype or is it any better than the plane old chia seeds you can buy in a health food store for one fourth the price.

  17. Hannah, I have a 3 month old and haven’t had any problem with blender noise bothering my little one. But I also have 2 other little ones so noise is something he’s had to get used too!

  18. Amanda,

    Thanks for the great info on MonaVie – I was going to say ‘forget it’ also – it’s pastuerized. LOVE the cute pic of the chef on your website – looks like an awesome site!


  19. @ Hannah, I recommend carrying on like normal, blend away, if you start the twins out with noise, vaccum cleaning, blending, then they will be able to sleep anywhere, and you can get your work done. Less stress. If you keep a totally quiet house when the twins sleep, then every little thing will wake them up. And life will never be normal, and your life will be stressful.

    Hope this helps

  20. I am also curious about the thyroid issue. Since I’ve begun GS’s, my dr. has increased my thyroid meds twice, and we will test next month to see if it’s enough. I’m using quite a bit of spinach, hopefully that is not the culprit (that would make me very sad).

    I also have a WBC deficiency which is quite serious. I have to take an injection once a week of some REALLY nasty medication; I’ve been told likely for the rest of my life (on rare occasions, the condition is a pre-cursor to Leukemia). My goal is to correct my WBC so I don’t have to take that medication any longer, fix my body – not to mention the medication is super expensive. I would love a WBC boosting veggie cocktail, and am still researching which foods will help increase my counts. At this point I don’t even care what it tastes like, I would “slam it” as Robyn says. Any suggestions are welcome!!

    As for the good news, my cholesterol has improved!

    …some day… i will be so healthy that i will not need any medications… that is my ultimate goal

  21. I’m visiting my 79 year old mom next week in Seattle and contemplated taking a blender on the plane. Instead I ordered the “Ninja” blender on Amazon to ship to her (about $40) as a gift and we will be making green smoothies once I get there. I think a few members of my family may be open to GS. We will see…. Any words of advice on how a good beginner recipe?

  22. Yes, please more information on the hypothyroidism and which veggies/fruits to consume! I have GS’s every day with plenty of spinach, cabbage, kale, etc. and sometimes strawberries!

  23. Grace,

    On Wikipedia it says those “have been identified as lightly goitrogenic.” Are you sure that is what caused it?

  24. You probably already know this, but many of the veggies and fruits at Costco are GENETICALLY MODIFIED! They are identified by their product number: five digits beginning with an 8; such as 80345, etc.


  25. Robyn, you said don’t eat soy. What are your thoughts about edamame? I love Trader Joe’s frozen edamame and eat them often – e.g. with black beans and various veggies in a bean salad.

    Thanks from someone new to this.

    1. I didn’t say I don’t eat soy–I said isolated, refined soy products are ubiquitous in our food supply and we are bombarded with far too many estrogens consequently. I do eat edamame occasionally, or whole-soy foods like tofu. Also small amounts of fermented-soy condiments like nama shoyu or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.

  26. Robin, I just ordered your twelve steps and a Vitamix and am so excited to begin your program. I also have hypothyroidism and I’m seeing Francine (Wellnique) whom you know, for my problems. I am concerned that eating tons of goitrogenic foods will also cause problems for me as others of your readers have mentioned. Do you have any research on this? Do you know what Francine thinks? I won’t see her again for quite awhile. For now, I guess I will avoid these foods until furthur notice. Most of the foods you suggest in your GS are on the goitrogen food list. There are others that can be substituted, but it narrows the list considerably. Any additional information you could share, would be so helpful.

    1. Kami, I too am hypothyroid. I think avoiding high-nutrition foods is the worst thing you can do if the goal is to HEAL the thyroid. I don’t even know if I’m actually hypothyroid anymore, but I used to be before I starting caring for my body better, with good nutrition. Try it and see if you feel better and address thyroid issues in a more comprehensive way than worrying about a list of things with ONE compound in them. Avoid that compound and you’re also avoiding hundreds of other nutritional compounds you need in those same foods. For all we know, those OTHER compounds mitigate any effect that a single goitrogen factor might have. I think this new fad of telling people to avoid “goitrogenic” foods will run its course and is an unwise idea. I say that IN GENERAL. You have specific, individual issues and I am not addressing those–and I can’t. I am speaking generally about the new fad to steer people away from good foods without any real testing.

      Best wishes, Kami! You’re on a good path!

  27. I have noticed getting extremely tired a lot and have blamed it on my extremely low iron. However, I have notice too many good things that have happened to me since drinking my green smoothie and plan to continue drinking them and maybe modify some of the ingredients.

  28. I recently started with the GS and am loving it for the whole family. Do you have the carbohydrate count on a pint of GS if it contains the same stuff as your video?

  29. Lou, re your question about the MILA chia seed product–I don’t have any experience with it and have never heard of the brand, but a quick look through the very slick website reveals three things that concern me:

    1. It’s promoted by one of the new breed of TV “pro-natural health” medical doctors who’s certainly making a buttload of money from this MLM pyramid scheme

    2. Nowhere on the site does it say the chia is raw or organically or even sustainably grown.

    3. There’s no answer to my question about whether high temps are used in the “proprietary system that optimizes the bioavailability and increases its nutritional value.” High temps are the primary reason that most commercially produced EFAs (essential fatty acids) are already damaged and rancid before you even open the bottle.

    Now, I think it’s great that a medical doctor is recommending something natural to his patients for their health (notice he’s still making tons of money, and that’s fine), and I think a lot of MILA consumers will benefit because their undernourished bodies are literally starving for ANY kind of nutrients and good fats, damaged or not. Also, most Americans get a pathetic amount of fiber in their daily diets, and this will help move that BBQ and garlic bread along at least. 🙂

    But the real breakthrough comes when we do our own research on what we ingest (and put on our bodies, as well); find whole, RAW, unprocessed or minimally processed foods to nourish us properly; and become healthily skeptical of this latest “health food” craze being pushed on us by medical doctors (Oz, Arnot, Gupta, etc.) who are laughing all the way to the bank. They’re smart people–they see the trend away from conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals and they’re co-opting that trend and steering it as best they can.

    Hey, at least it’s a step in the right direction! Just watch out for people selling you crummy, expensive versions of whole, natural foods you can grow or make yourself, or get in bulk at a health food store. Whole, raw, and unprocessed is what works wonders. Do your research and take back your health!

  30. To Kay`s question about using Kefir in the smothies, Kefir is an awesome source of nutrition, esp the probiotics for the digestive track. When the milk is cultured, the nutrition becomes so much more absorbable by the body, and the probiotics help to digest everything else, & heal the colon. And speaking of cultured foods, I`ve been making sourdough bread from scratch with aincient grains, (Red Fyfe, Kamut, Or Spelt), and have been adding some starter to the batter when I make wraps in the dehydrator (Raw living foods). When you culture (ferment) these grains, the proteins are broken down into amino acids, so the body doesn`t have to do that, and all the trace minerals are so much more readily available for the body to assimilate. I can`t believe that in all the sites I`ve visited on-line for info on Raw living foods, that no-one else cultures their batters before dehydrating. And by the way, even tho I primarily choose Raw Living, I`ll continue to eat sourdough bread, because of the nutritional availability in it. I`m a Holistic Nutritionist, & Angelic Awakening Practitioner, so a lot of my guidance and recipes come from the Divine, and it`s very exciting to see some of the foods that we`re creating. For any of you that might do muscle testing, you can use that for your guidance for the nutrition you need.

  31. Okay, I am new to all of this. I have recently bought a new blendtec blender, and I am ready to go. The problem is, I don’t really know where to start. I have been making a few smoothies here and there, but mostly from purchase frozen fruit with a some spinich. Somebody please get me in the right direction. I am in pretty good health, good exercise program, and take good suppliments, but I want the benifets from these smoothies also. Where do you get all the recipes? When is the best time to drink them. What should beginners start out with to kinda warm up to the taste? Please advise………. Thanks

  32. Would like to learn more about Ms. Judy Mumby. I wonder if she would share her recipe for her sourdough bread.

    1. Gwen, I also have recipes for whole-grain sourdough bread and lots of info in Ch. 9 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

  33. Robyn,

    I haven’t been on the site for a bit. I so much appreciate your advice on avoiding goitrogenic foods. I think I will take your advice. 🙂 The list of goitrogenic foods is quite large. I’m avoiding eating them in large quantities, but I think I will quit stressing and just follow your program and see how I feel. By the way, I’ve already noticed that my digestive system has improved considerably and the GS really give me great energy. When I skip a day, my body craves them. Thanks for your direction and insight.

  34. I recently went on a ten day road trip and found a great container to use for freezing the smoothies ahead of time. Ball makes freezer canning jars with screw top lids that are all plastic. You just unscrew the lid and it is like a cup. They hold one pint each. I bought them at Wal-Mart; $5 for 4 of them.

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