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Vaccines, part 4 of 4

I have read with tremendous interest the experiences of many parents who commented on my two-part blog entry on vaccines. I could write a lot about this subject, and soon, I will have a much longer blog series to post, with a new book recommendation.

Please read the interesting experiences, and the book choices and web site picks of my readers who have educated themselves on this difficult and controversial topic. I am familiar with all the content they refer to, which was part of my own research.

Some of those who commented have spent a tremendous amount of time studying the vaccine issue. Especially please read Mary’s comments. All the facts she references you can learn more about reading the books several readers recommend.

Meantime, I remember something from when my children were little. When my third child was born, I became very underweight. I was under a lot of stress and not sleeping or eating. (Some people eat when their coping mechanisms are maxed. I do the opposite.) At 5’8″, I weighed 115 lbs. My baby was getting thinner and thinner despite the fact that I nursed her constantly. At 9 months old, she weighed 13 lbs. When I realized she needed supplementation, I found her to be allergic to everything: homemade formula, foods, everything I tried.

So I found breast milk donors. It’s a long story, but I found an amazing woman who was freezing an entire milk supply because her baby was in the NICU for about a year. I feel this woman, Ginger, saved my daughter’s life. I haven’t talked to her in years, but I told her I would do anything for her if she ever asked. She gave me a full supply of colostrum and then breast milk and my sickly, colicky, underweight baby began to recover and then thrive. She achieved a normal weight within two months!

I wanted to return the favor, pay it forward. When my 4th baby was born, I was at a healthy weight. I pumped and froze the milk, and looked for someone to help.

I learned of a woman whose 4-year old son was damaged by a vaccine. Her name was Kathryn and I invited her to my home and I learned her heartbreaking story. Her son was hitting all milestones and totally healthy until 18 months. He was vaccinated and immediately began to backslide in his development and show signs of autism.

She was desperate. She made popsicles of the breast milk I gave her, as part of a strategy to try to revive her once-healthy son.

She met regularly with a support group of local parents whose children were damaged by the same batch of vaccine her son had, which had an excessive level of mercury in it. (What is an acceptable level of mercury, you ask? I am stumped by the same question.) Doctors were referring parents into the support group! Bizarrely, the Vaccine Administration settled with them for only about $10,000!

This woman was one of the first people I helped, because I was early in my own journey towards a whole-foods diet and freedom from medical protocols. There were no 12 Steps to Whole Foods, of course, at that time. I sent her home with my big binder full of recipes, to copy.

“If you pay attention to your own health and do not see the ‘Doctor as God’ you can avoid serious errors in your own care. You will be advised to consult doctors only when you believe that you are truly ill. By restricting your medical encounters to those that are absolutely necessary you will be avoiding the risks inherent in most diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.” – Eugene Robbins, MD, Phd

I think medical doctors are wonderful, for serious emergencies. Those should be limited to one or two in a lifetime, though!

I think we run counter to logic when we use injectable chemicals, and drugs, and killed or half-killed bacteria and call it immunization or “prevention.” (Many of the diseases supposedly eradicated by vaccines were disappearing before the vaccine. “Booster shots” have exactly zero proof that they provide lifetime immunity–it’s pure marketing.)

True prevention comes from logical, simple, daily lifestyle choices.

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