it was exhausting writing all those books

I got a call last night from my fulfillment company, saying we are getting low on 12 Steps: Complete Course, and I needed to autograph 200 books (The Green Smoothies Diet) and get them there by the next morning.

I was leaving for Cade’s baseball game and then Tennyson’s and wouldn’t be home till 11 p.m.

So I loaded several boxes of books in the car, took a couple of pens, and sat in the bleachers signing piles of books all night.

Tennyson came out of the dugout to chat with me at one point, and his buddy followed him over. I heard him whisper, incredulously, “Ten! Did your mom write ALL of those books?”

LOL! I love kids!

Speaking of, I have written a draft of Green Kids Rock Out Loud (or whatever the name ends up being). It’s a book about nutrition for kids age 3-9.

Two questions for you!

One, do you know a book illustrator who does colorful, fun illustrations? So far the ones I’m talking to need 9-12 months to do the work.

Two, would you let me interview your child who eats lots of healthy plant food, and is fairly chatty by nature? I’d do this by phone, asking just a few simple questions. If I use your child’s testimonial, you’ll get the book free. Even better, you’ll help get this book out. I was dismayed to survey the children’s literature on nutrition: not impressive. Thus this effort. I think it’s really needed.

If you know a book illustrator or want to participate in the testimonials, please write Jenni and Jackie at support123 at Tell me your phone number and your child’s name and age. J&J will forward it on to me.