The verdict on Idaho

So here is our class in Idaho Falls. Turns out, people in Idaho DO care about good nutrition.

Tennyson is my helper in the photo. My favorite thing from this class was when I was asked if it’s expensive to incorporate whole-foods habits. I discussed my top two money-saving ideas (one, grow a garden; two, have a full-size freezer to store greens and fruit, nuts and seeds, when you can get them inexpensively).

Then I mentioned that I know the edible weeds, and I just get some out of my backyard sometimes for smoothies. Dandelions and morning glory, for instance. I freeze them for the winter, too. The whole audience burst out laughing and I wasn’t sure why, for a minute. Until I saw them looking at Tennyson.

Ten and I have been discussing his “poker face” or lack thereof. (It was a big problem, playing cards all weekend.)

His eyes were big and shocked and his mouth was hanging open.

Tip for those of you who would like to put weeds in your smoothies: don’t tell your kids. They wouldn’t understand.