does anybody in Idaho care about nutrition?

My son Ten turns 10 in ’10 (I feel a theme for birthday posters coming on). He has, along with yoga, raw plant food, and “a little help from my friends,” gotten me through the toughest 18 months of my life. I can’t overestimate the power of his love and loyalty in healing me. He’s emotional and sensitive, like his dad, and he can’t stay mad for longer than 90 seconds, like me.

He and I just got home from Idaho Falls for his baseball tournament. He’s smart, funny, smiles constantly and is a ridiculous athlete. Teachers and coaches whisper to me, “He’s my favorite.”

He schooled me for hours, to and from the tourney, in the finer points of baseball. For instance, what a “pass ball” and a “two-seam fastball” are.

Just when, after 10 years as a baseball mom, I am finally recognizing the “balk,” there’s more to learn. From a 9-year old.

It’s kind of monumental that we went to Idaho Falls. Here’s why:

When he was 4, the children’s organization of our church asked me to fill out a “spotlight” survey for each of my 4 kids. I recorded, for each of them, a “favorite place on Earth.” The oldest three said Goblin Valley, Disneyland, and Grandma’s house in Arizona.

Tennyson pondered for quite a while, and said, very thoughtfully,


For “Where in the world I’d love to travel someday,” the other kids said: Australia, China, and France.

Tennyson again furrowed his brow to really give this difficult question all his focus, and said:


(We live in the bordering state of Utah.)

Anyway, he got his fantasy trip this weekend–we stopped at Costco and went to Idaho Falls!

The weather was wet and cold, but each morning I went for a run along the beautiful Snake River. The first morning, the 5 miles I intended to run became 13 miles (in the rain and mud) in 2.5 hours because I got lost. How do you get lost running along a river? That is a very good question. Unfortunately telling you the answer will not rehabilitate my credibility.

Of course, as with all my travels, I posted my intention to go, last-minute, on the GreenSmoothieGirl facebook fanpage. Readers immediately hooked us up with ideas of who might want to host my gig, so I could share a little green love in spud-land.

The first idea was Wealth of Health, apparently the ONLY health food stores in town! This is what the manager told us:

“Nobody in Idaho cares about eating whole foods. We don’t even sell any.

We tried selling organic produce once but nobody bought it. We don’t have room for 100 people, but even if we did, nobody would come.”

(Apparently you will only achieve a wealth of health eating supplements and the like. Not food.)

Well, facebook reader Lori pounded the pavement and found the Eagle Rock Coop, and the manager Lisa (who rocks out loud, incidentally, and looks just like people do who eat right) “got it” right off the bat.

She set up a class for me, and TOMORROW I will answer for you whether people in Idaho are just as the Wealth of Health dude says. Is it true, what I always say, or just true everywhere but Idaho? (This is what I always say: “People want to eat right. They don’t know how.”)

I will prove the truth or falsehood of that, tomorrow, with photos.