Best smoothie straw ever!

[this contributed by a guest–not Robyn]

Has anyone tried the 7-11 metal Slurpee straws for their green smoothies?   My husband bought some last week and they are great.   I used to get frustrated trying to find good straws for my smoothies.   The regular ones at the grocery store were always too short and narrow.   The  metal Slurpee straws  are long and have a large diameter  so it’s easier to drink a thick smoothie, and I like how they get cold when you’re slurping your smoothie.   Another plus is they’re re-suable.   I just wash mine out right after using and throw it in the dishwasher.      My little girls LOVE them and it’s actually helped them drink more green smoothies!   My hubby got them at 7-11 for .99 ea,   and I think they’re kind of a promotional item, so they’re not there all the time.   Hey Robyn, here’s an idea for you-  why don’t you get some of these straws made up but with your Green Smoothie Girl logo on them instead?   You could sell them in your new Green Smoothie store.   Then I wouldn’t be walking around promoting ‘Slurpees’ on my straws, LOL!

Anyway, just thougt I’d share!