how much does a green smoothie cost?

Jumping the gun . . . drum roll please . . . I just might be opening the first-ever Green Smoothie Bar!

Yep, I have an interested party who already owns the perfect facility to try the concept out here in Utah County (then roll it out in other places if it finds traction). I’ve had SO many people tell me we should open a GreenSmoothieGirl shop. I don’t want to run it, but I want to have a place for people who want to skyrocket their consumption of fresh greens/fruit but don’t want to make GS themselves.

Here’s the OTHER cool announcement that isn’t in my book . . . or anywhere else . . .

In order to gather cost information, I purchased (from Costco and Good Earth) greens and fruit at retail prices, made a blenderful, and broke down the cost per ounce. I think you will be amazed at what I found:

A 96 oz. blenderful (in addition to water/ice):

Organic chard ($.66) 1/3 of a bunch

Organic kale ($1) 1/3 of a bunch

Spinach ($0.85) 22% of a 2.5-lb. bag

2 cups frozen mixed berries ($1.66)

2 oranges ($0.83)

2 bananas ($0.42)

2 Tbsp. raw/organic agave ($0.28)

= $5.70 for 72 oz.

That’s 7.9 cents per ounce.

A quart of green smoothie (my recommendation for adults) is then

And to think that the biggest resistance I get from people is, “IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!” How much is a Starbucks latte? Twice that much? How about a Power Bar? About that much. A Happy Meal? These are things people don’t think twice about spending money on.

For about $2.50 you can get 12-15 servings of RAW GREENS AND FRUIT in your diet. Amazing.

Would you spend $1.25 a day for your child to have a pint of green smoothie, 7 servings of raw greens and fruit? So her only serving of fruits or vegetables isn’t ketchup or French fries like most American kids? The ketchup and fries will cost you that much.

All the excuses just disappeared.