Friday class: thanks for coming!

My class at PowerTri in Lehi was attended by over 100 on Friday night (all but 4 were there from this blog).

Thanks Jamie and Ryan for hosting it!

I loved how well “date night” turned out, like it did the first time we did it a couple months ago at Beyond Sports in Lindon.

So many husbands came, I love it! It might help to get your S.O. in front of me if you don’t think s/he’ll read my books. If you bring yours, I’ll try to rub off a little of my enthusiasm on him/her! My goal is to nurture and inspire people towards better choices–not depress, guilt, or shame them.

Jackie and Jenni (support123 [at] have gotten a lot of queries about when my next class is from those who were there on Friday night and want to send a friend or loved one.

I don’t know, but I’ll post it here when I know. I hope to do my show at all the Good Earth stores soon. If you have attended a GSG class and would like to comment here about its value to you, please do so and I’ll point the Good Earth folks here.

I announced something REALLY REALLY COOL at that class, that I had just learned. I’ll tell you about it here on the blog tomorrow! Actually it’s one awesome announcement, and one announcement that is jumping the gun but I might just do it anyway because I’m so pumped.

A 6-year old in attendance said, “Mom, this smoothie is really good! Let’s make it when we get home!”

Thanks everyone for not only coming, but for telling and showing your friends about how eating whole foods can radically change their lives for the better.

A reader named Lena came up afterward and gave me this note:

“Didn’t the Lord call it the GARDEN of Eden rather than the ZOO of Eden?”

Eat plants!

Love y’all,