double header Saturdays

Today I did what I’ve come to think of as quintessentially SPRING for me, for the past 10 years: DOUBLE HEADERS! One of my favorite things in the world is 4 hours of baseball on a sunny day.

My 16 y.o. Cade said something slightly snippy to me the other day about all those green smoothies he drank in the dugout that made him look like a “tard” in front of his friends. (I used to make his friends GS when they came over, too.) I reminded him that if it weren’t for GS and good nutrition in general, he might not be throwing 80 mph and hitting a GRAND SLAM this last week against Timpview HS and hitting 6’2″ on his 16th birthday. (Lowest ERA, by far, of all the pitchers, the most triples of all the batters–okay, I’m done bragging now.)

After all, before I educated myself, he was on FIVE COURSES of liquid steroids before the age of 2. Read the intro of my book The Green Smoothies Diet: his pediatrician told me 5 courses “virtually guarantees stunted growth.” That’s when I “checked out” of the doctor’s office forever and took my family’s health into my own hands.

So it was Tennyson’s double header today. He’s 9. He hit several doubles as “cleanup batter” (strategically placed #4 in the lineup) and struck some guys out as pitcher. As 3rd baseman, ran to field a ball at the pitcher’s mound and tripped over the pitcher, but not before throwing the runner out at 1st.

Ah, so many memories of my boys drinking their pint of green smoothies in the dugout at Burgess Field in beautiful Alpine, Utah. I wish I had a camera, today, for the shot of Tennyson slurping his GS, next to a kid drinking a Gatorade, and two other kids on the other side who were munching on Cheetohs and drinking a soda. What a great photo that would be for the kids’ book on nutrition I’m going to write.

Ten said that the kids asked him for some of his green smoothie. I love it!

Who ever said that baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie are the ultimate Americana? I’m going to pick and choose in that lineup.