Costco products to avoid

I was at Costco today and saw another product that is an egregious example of how savvy marketers are preying on those who have a small amount of nutrition information but don’t understand the big picture.

More and more companies are truly motivated to provide us with excellent nutrition. It’s exciting. We live in a time when we have more options to eat right than ever before.

Other companies, unfortunately, especially the biggest ones, are feeding the mass market garbage foods while finding ways to promote it as nutritious.

Post Cherry Almond Crunch Cereal is one such product.

The box says, “No high fructose corn syrup! Oat clusters, sun-ripened cherries, multi-grain flakes!”

Well, it has CORN SYRUP (also white sugar and brown sugar) even if it’s not HFCS. Unimpressive.

It’s full of refined oils. There might be “multi” grains (more than one, who cares!) but that doesn’t mean they’re whole foods. The cornmeal is “degermed,” which means the high-vitamin part is removed. It’s not hard to use regular cornmeal! The main ingredient in the cereal is white (refined) rice.

Sun ripened cherries. I am so rolling my eyes.

The only “whole” foods in the ingredient list are whole wheat and rolled oats, well down the list. (The first thing in any ingredient list is what there’s most of, and the last thing is what there’s least of.)

Don’t fall for it. Or the organic pop tarts on the same aisle.

I will be highly entertained if someone comes on this blog and defends Post. Jif did that, the HFCS industry did that, and Mercola did that, when I questioned their data and tactics. Well, bring it on.