another reason to eat plant foods

Last night I went to dinner at a friend’s house. She is getting married this week and had a house packed full of her large family and his. So I was “helping” by making gravy. We put the boiling roast drippings in the BlendTec, I added cornstarch, pressed the lid on, and pushed the button . . .

Suddenly the scalding hot contents were flying out all over the kitchen, drenching both my arms. I was wearing long sleeves, so I couldn’t quickly wash it off my arms.

Long story short, my forearms were badly burned. Covered with blisters this morning despite hours of ice followed by fresh aloe vera from my plant, when I got home.

Just another (really obscure) reason to drink green food. Instead of animal products. My green smoothies have never hurt me.

That said, you haven’t been “initiated” as a GSG until you’ve had a blenderful blow up. (Has this happened to you yet? You can find dried green blobs even months later–ceiling, cabinets, all kinds of fun places.)

Important tip: press the lid on, very well, all the way around!