I found the coolest muscle stim / massage gadget

Stress after work, stiff neck, joint pain, sore feet, cramping legs, back pain, achy shoulders? You will love this!

When I went to Expo West in Anaheim recently, I saw 1,900 booths in 3 days! It’s like a trade-show marathon, that place! You could eat all kinds of “organic” and “natural” junk food. At the end of the day, though, it’s just junk food. If gummy bears are a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being healthy), organic gummy bears are a 1.5!

I found just a handful of products that I think would actually enhance your lifestyle. Only a few nutrition products competing in the “health food” space are worth your money.

But O. M. G. There was one booth I just didn’t want to leave. It’s this Korean company with this incredibly affordable product that combines Chinese acupuncture with deep tissue massage sensations to relieve pain. The little hand-held controller has wide variability on strength, in the re-usable stimulation pads that you can use anywhere on your body. It sends bio-electrical signals directly to the muscle to relieve pain and stress.

No meds, no side effects. I sat in a chair and put the electrodes on my shoulder blades–then on my feet–

Unbelievable! Every bit as good as the electrical stim you get at the physical therapists’ office. The result was as good as a massage.

I couldn’t believe the price they let me get them for. They sell the Massage XP III that I fell in love with, for $250 ON SALE. But I signed a paper that I would never sell for less than $139, so that’s what I’m doing in the store for a limited time. Plus I’m throwing in a set of the large pads (great for large muscles like the back of your shoulders) for FREE.

I bought 50 and had them shipped. So be one of the first 50 to grab them in my store and ENJOY! You will love this! Take it to work and let your co-workers enjoy it:


(Get the shoes, too, if you want to do your feet–HEAVEN!)