please answer my poll question

We’re rethinking the really loose way I do my green smoothies classes. Please weigh in here. Would you rather attend my class:

1. Free


2. Paying $15 with a chance at a free $400 BlendTec Total Blender? (and maybe the host of the class might throw in other items or gift certificates for the drawing), preregistering online.

Preregistering online will help me get a headcount to plan.

Thanks for your response–don’t look at what anyone else says before you answer though!

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  1. Hi Robyn, I am a new member, love the site and I look forward to getting the 12 steps this week. I personally don’t think that $15 is much for your class, so I wouldn’t be opposed to paying for it. -Joy

  2. I can see it both ways. People who aren’t really committed won’t pay $15, so by doing it for free, you might get a lot of people who didn’t know they were interested, but find out they love it.

    But on the other hand, I think a chance at a Blendtec for $15 is absolutely awesome! That’s incredibly good odds, unless you’re packing a stadium full or something 😉

  3. I would like to attend your demo’s free because I already have a blendtec. It’s always nice to get a celebrity like yourself come to your home town and not be charged. That is a very nice treat for your loyal followers & potential new followers. I know that two of my friends who came, husband & wife would not be able to afford the $30.00 to see you. Even if one came that would be hard for them too.

    preregistering takes forethought & i’m more of a spur of the moment person. Just figure that you will get a huge crowd where ever you go! But on the other hand your demos are worth minimum $15.00 because you are such an inspirational speaker and are so knowledgeable.

  4. Free. I think you get more newbies that way. Offer a follow-up class for a fee for those of us who want more of your wisdom! My husband thinks you should sell GSG T-Shirts. I attended your class in Colleyville, TX and sat right on the front row. It was so exciting. My 11 year old daughter said, “Mom, she’s your Taylor Swift.”

  5. I would certainly be willing to pay, but I think i would rather the classes be free, so that I can bring friends and family along without them feeling like they need to pay.

  6. I always love something that’s free (cuz it doesn’t seem that often in Southern CA) BUT I can completely understand that for planning purposes and to have committed people ahead of time is worth it for Robyn and the hosting facility. I would definitely pay $15 but now that I think about it… it could limit the ‘newcomers’ and people I would want to bring perhaps. I would feel I should foot their bill since I’m suggesting it to them–but maybe that’s my issue. Anyhow, those are my thoughts, as we try to spread the good news of the GSG way 🙂

    OK, I’m going to send this and then read what others had to say!

  7. DeAndra is on to something. Rock bands hardly make any money at concerts or selling albums (all that money goes to their record company until the recording & producing costs are payed off.)

    However, they can make money on T-Shirt sales. Something they have control of, which has much less less overhead.

  8. I agree with others that if someone is willing to pay $15, they are probably at least somewhat on board the green smoothie train already. I would want to keep the door open to anyone, skeptics especially.

    What if you made the class free, but sold $15 raffle tickets for the ‘prize package’?

    OR, make the class $5 with no contest entry, or $10 with a contest entry.

  9. depends on my chances. are we talking 1 in 50 to win the blendtec? or 1 in 150. free is probably the best bet for me. I probably wouldn’t win the blendtec anyway and getting one is a whole battle with my husband to begin with so it probably wouldn’t help to also get approval to spend 15$ for a seminar on top of the blendtec cost. that said I don’t mind preregistering for a free event if the difficulty is not being able to plan ahead for the event.

  10. reading other’s comments what about a drawing for the blendtec that you don’t have to participate in? ie people can still come free but anybody who wants the blendtec can still have an opportunity to get one. I don’t know what problem you’re trying to solve with the 15$ charge so maybe my idea doesn’t solve the problem but I might be more willing to attend and enter the drawing for $5 or $10 somewhat optional than I would 15$ mandatory.

  11. The RSVP is tough to sell in today’s life style and limiting attendance based upon a drawing fee seems counter productive to your basic philosophy for why you have become the GSG…

    to share and show how simple good nutrition really is to achieve along with tasting great…so the newer generations can have a wonderful start and the middle aged and geezers can reverse the path too many have been following for so long…lulled into a pattern motivated by the food industry.

    No need to charge for being at your class as you are priceless in person (as well as in the NET)and no price will reflect the value of your gracious spirit and message of truth and hope that all who come will profit from!

    But if someone has a plan for doing the “how many will be there and how to have a lottery” go for it, I am able to learn from others just like we all can.

    Thanks for taking the time to jump into this response invitation… so glad you

    have done so. Robyn, remember too how consistent not charging is with your desire to always offer a worthwhile opportunity in all you do.

  12. I’m too far away (Ottawa, ON Canada) to attend, but I think $15 is a reasonable price for your class. And a give-away of a BlendTech blender is a great idea.

  13. $15.00!?/%#*….the class is worth hundreds of dollars..and then getting to meet Robyn…PRICELESS! OK, now back to the question. I personally like the idea of pre-registering and paying the $15 AND getting a chance to win a blender (even though I already have one) and possible gift certificates. Since we had to stand for both classes in Dallas, it would be nice for Robyn to get a good estimate on the number of people attending so there could possibly be enough chairs and a big enough room. We even thought about bringing our own chairs, BUT there would not have been enough room to set them up anyway. Two things about pre-registering….this would probably need to be some way people could attend without pre-registering (still paying at the door though if they wanted a chance to win the blender), so last minute guests could attend (they may not get a chair depending on class size) AND Robyn would know the interest level in that particular class. If there was not much interest in the class, Robyn could reschedule, change locations etc. By pre-registering, Robyn could start requiring a minimum number of registrants for classes that involve her traveling very far from home and she would know if she is taking in enough money for her to be able to give away a blender. I bet you would have to have around 25 or so paying registrants to be able to give a blender away. Robyn…my wife, son and I would love pay $15 for your next class and have a chance to win a blender, limit the class size to three please!

  14. definitely free! Those that are already committed to the lifestyle would pay for a class and a possible chance for a blender or something else, since they already know the value of the GSG way.

  15. Free. I don’t think skeptics would come if they had to pay any amount. I brought my husband, daughter and her husband and a couple from church with me to one of your free classes. If we had to pay, none of us would have come. You do an awesome class and I understand totally about wanting to have a count of how many to plan on. Thanks for all you are doing in helping people to be healthy.

  16. I think the 15.00 is a good idea. I would love the chance to win a blend tec for a family member or a friend. I have so many loved ones that I would like to see making greensmothies . I do have a couple of converts but they are having to start with a regular blender. I try to convince them it’s going to save them $ in the long run.

    I also think it will help you plan the size of space you will need.

    As a realtor, when the board has a class for us they charge us a 20.00 refundable fee. We get it back when we show up. This helps them know which room they are going to need. That is one way it could be done also.

    I like the chance of winning a Blend Tec best.

    P.S. I saw on FB you will be in CA the middle af May, are you planning to visit the Central Valley as well, like Fresno County?

  17. If you came to Spokane Washington, I would pay the 15 dollars plus a chance to win the blender I am game. I would love to meet you and buy a t-shirt and a chance at a blendtec a blender I so desperately want. Have fun and let us know.

    I love your book and my name is in it that is what I like most of all my testimonal. Thanks Robyn.

  18. I also think you will get a lot more just curious people to be lured into a wonderful change of thinking if the class is offered for free. You might consider doing more specialized classes for a reasonable fee for those who have already had their interest perked.

  19. I would definitely pay $15 for your class but I don’t believe skeptics would do so. I am trying to convince co-workers of the benefits of green smoothies and if your class was free, I could convince some of them to attend. Do you plan to have any in NC in 2010??? Bet you would have a lot of interest in the Asheville area!

  20. Free. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year and haven’t bought the 12 steps course yet. …I might next month. I’m sure that there are many, many like me who do not comment.

  21. “The RSVP is tough to sell in today’s life style and limiting attendance

    based upon a drawing fee seems counter productive to your basic philosophy

    for why you have become the GSG…

    to share your heartfelt understanding and show how simple good nutrition

    really is to achieve along with tasting great…so the newer generations can

    have a wonderful start and the middle aged and geezers can reverse the path

    too many have been following for so long…lulled into a pattern motivated

    by the food industry.

    No need to charge for being at your class as you are priceless in person (as

    well as in the NET)and no price will reflect the value of your gracious

    spirit and message of truth and hope that all who come will profit from!

    But if someone has a plan for doing the “how many will be there and how to

    have a lottery” go for it, I am able to learn from others just like we all


    Thanks for taking the time to jump into this response invitation… so glad


    have done so. Robyn, remember too how consistent not charging is with your

    desire to always offer a worthwhile opportunity in all you do.”

    Best always, Ed t

  22. Maybe you could do both kinds of classes. There is purpose in having both. Green smoothie fans would love to pay $15 for a chance at a blender, and for some entertainment. My first thought about paying $15 was that I probably wouldn’t get friends and family there as easily, unless I just paid for them. If we are trying to recruit new followers, which we are, free or close to it seems more enticing.

  23. Free will bring in more people who may just have a passing curiosity. I don’t know how you set up your demos but you could plan for the max attendees as far as space available and supplies needed then offer those attendees a more intense/detailed class if they want to learn more for a fee either later in the day or the next day. For the longer, more detailed class you’d then have a better head count. Plus, you could also poll them as they sign up and see what aspect of the 12 step program they want to learn more about. Maybe it isn’t the smoothies they want to focus on but would prefer to have you walk them through other recipes or meal ideas etc. I have a BlendTech blender but if I won another I’d give it to a family member or a friend who could not afford to purchase it themselves to encourage them to follow through with the program. Hopefully that gives you some other ideas to think about. If you ever get to Houston let me know!

  24. FREE is always great. But $15 is not too steep of registration fee + the incentive to hopefully winning a Blentec.I introduced my friend to greensmoothies and she has passed on the info to her friends and family as well. We need a class up in Weber/Davis county if you could arrange that sometime, that would be awesome.

    1. Hi Joyce, happy to do that if you find a health food store, or something similar, with a room to hold 75 or more, and they or you have an audience to promote it to! 🙂

  25. Sorry!!I did read comments first and I totally agree with Robert’s idea of having the classes free and selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a free blender. But there should be some way to help you re-coop the cost of your travel, etc.

  26. I think a free class, then offer “chances” for $15 for the Blendtec. That way no one gets turned off by the cost and then misses out on the info. Probably most will then enter the drawing after seeing what the blender can do for them!

  27. I agree that a free class would bring an opportunity to entice new people to the lifestyle and that a fee more detailed, longer class is an awesome idea. We totally need you to come to Idaho.

  28. FREE class.

    for those who RSVP and show up, $10 (or $15) raffle for the blendtec.

    for those who just show up w/out RSVP, $15 (or $20) raffle for the blendtec.

    this would entice people to RSVP but also allow curious people (newbies) the chance to hear about green smoothies without wondering if they will “get their monies worth” – even thought WE all know they will. also sell t-shirts; your faithful GSG followers will all want to spread the good word by buying t-shirts!

    for those who RSVP and bring a friend, maybe a chance at other raffle prizes (limited to one entry).

    (if you come to Portland, OR I can arrange a pass to the Nike employee store for you!!!!)

  29. Both options sound great I have my Blentec however I could give one to someone as a gift if I was the lucky winner!

  30. Forgive me but I read some answers (LOL)! My favorite response and the one I agree most with is FREE, and then have a raffle for the Blendtec ($5-$10 per ticket)! The income for the Blendtec would not be consistent but hopefully over time it would all balance out between large classes and small classes so that your costs are paid for, and then some!!! Will you come to Alberta, Canada?

  31. Robyn,

    $15 is not enough to cover your expenses.

    You will need to determine the amount of the ticket price that will pay your expenses. Expenses include travel, room, advertising, and your time.

    Those who cannot afford the entrance fee can be dealt with on an individual basis. Just ask people to contact you for “scholarships”.

    Pre-registration is important. You would not want to rent a place and travel to the location if the number of people in attendance are zero.

    Here is one idea.

    Charge $50 for pre-registration. Charge $100 at the door. Almost everyone will pre-register. Then you will have a count and an estimated income to weigh against your travel and other expenses.

  32. If you come to the Atlanta area, I’d be happy to do either. I don’t feel like $15 is too much, and I would love to win a blender. Some of the other ideas are good too, like doing a raffle, but I’m sure you want to be sure you can recoup the cost of the blender. I do agree that you are more likely to draw in skeptics if the classes are free.

  33. FREE. $15 per person adds up quickly when you have adult children who need to attend (and wont unless it’s free or I’m paying!). Selling raffle tickets to those interested is a great idea.

  34. I think the closer to free the more you will get of all interested. However maybe a $5 sign up fee so that the people who do sign up are committed. I think sometimes people sign up for free classes even if they are not that interested because it’s free, then they might not show up. Then sell tickets for the raffle.

  35. Robyn,

    If you goal is to attract your readers and subscribers definitely charge, I would love to have another Blendtec, they are the best. If you are looking more to attract new people I would say free. Another option is offer to let preregistered people to bring a free guest.


  36. A free class would be awesome! I would love to have the opportunity to share you with friends & family. I would have a much better chance of getting loved ones to come along if it was free.

  37. I would definitely attend if you came to my town and the class were free! I have been drinking green smoothies daily for almost two months and have gotten five of my friends hooked on them too. I know they would want to come also if it were free.

  38. Your business has now grown enough that you MUST have a means of getting a count for planning purposes. The $15 is not a budget breaker but is enough to count as a commitment. The blender drawing would be great.

    Your knowledge is well worth the $15.

  39. Hi Robyn,

    I’d be more than happy to pay the 15 dollars. Winning a blender would be great; but either way $15 is a bargain to learn something truly valuable.

  40. I would choose a free class and then have some things there that people can buy to make up your costs.

  41. I think $15 is fine to charge and I may even get a prize! Most of the cooking classes/demos I attend charge. I think it helps to defray the cost for the establishment where you are.

  42. Robyn,

    To be honest, either way works for me. I tend to look at the content. I would gladly pay $15 for one of your classes (I could always use a vitamix). On the other hand a free class, who could pass that up. Either way we get something of Value. Maybe to cover expenses and for people to take it seriously you should charge the $15.

  43. I don’t think $15 is too much to ask. I’d be happy that you’d be having a class nearby (west coast is a bit far to travel).

  44. I definitely would pay the $15 to listen to you for a chance to win the blender. I’ll tell you why. You presenting your knowledge is a huge bonus and it is worth something. The blender is frill but an incentive for many others to WIN something!! This is good marketing!!!

  45. I would pay 15$, but I am the “health nut” among friends and family. I know if it were a free GSG class I could get lots of people there that wouldn’t pay to go BUT REALLY NEED TO! 🙂

    ps ~ please come to Austin, TX!!!!

  46. I don’t believe in gambling so, “Free”, but I wonder how you can afford to travel all over doing classes for free, you have travel costs. If you give samples, food costs also. My dad always said, “nothing in life is “free” someone has to pay.

  47. If it takes $15 to get you to Denver, I’m not even worried about the drawing.

    It would be really nice to win a “Blendtech” but, just getting to attend one of your classes would be way cool.

  48. Free, so that I can invite friends that I have been trying to encourage to eat better. This way a lot of people win, instead of 1 person winning. I already have a VitaMix. I would love to meet you and learn more!

  49. 2. Paying $15 with a chance at a free $400 BlendTec Total Blender? (and maybe the host of the class might throw in other items or gift certificates for the drawing), preregistering online.

  50. I think you should stick with the free seminars to encourage everyone to come but use a preregister link in order to plan for the events. Then organize a new seminar for the more savy Green Smoothie users that includes the $15 registration for the BlendTec and take the information presented to a higher level for people already down the path of GSG. I would totally pay $15 to get a more detailed seminar that discusses every aspect of the 12 Steps.

  51. For something beneficial $15 is cheap. And if you could win a blender that’s just icing on the cake.

    One person’s veggie email I receive charges $797 for a one hour phone call.

    That’s a huckster.

    $15 is fine.

  52. I would say a free class would tend to attract the most interest just because “free” usually does … and you could sell tickets at the class for a chance to win a BlendTec … my feeling is that people who don’t really know much about green smoothies might want to learn about the lifestyle first … they could then buy a ticket to try and win the blender … I already have a BlendTec but if I didn’t, I would definitely prefer the free class and the option to try and win a BlendTec

  53. FREE. You reach more people that way & isn’t that the real goal? I like Rachel’s idea of a raffle for the Blend Tech or offer to sell them at a discount to those attending your classes.

  54. Free — I agree with Katie (Sorry, but I read some of the comments ahead of time!). Most people that are committed already have a blender, and the ones you are hoping to reach will probably not spend $15 on something they don’t know they need! I would love for you to come to Bend, OR; I’m sure you could hook up with the Whole Foods store here! Robyn, you ROCK!!!

  55. Free is always a winner in my world! I already have a blender! I hope you come to my neck of the woods (Cleveland, OH). We have had Brendon Brazier and Paul Nison visit and they were very good speakers. The more, the merrier! The sponsor is our local market called Nature’s Bin,, 18120 Sloane Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44107-3108

    (216) 521-4600, Ohio. Please contact them and come to our area! Thanks!

  56. I like Rachel’s suggestion ~ Free class for those who RSVP and show up; $10-15 for the raffle AND those that do not RSVP but show up to the class.

  57. Robyn,

    I have always been a firm believer that if you have to pay and RSVP to a function, you are more committed to go. $15 is perfect with a chance to win the blender or certificates. I could use that. I am new to the green smoothies and would LOVE to win a blender! Wish I could come to the Lehi class…I will be with grandbabies that weekend.

  58. I would prefer a free class so I can encourage my non-raw foodist friends to come and I already own a Vitamix that works great for me.

  59. I would pay the $15, but like someone else said… those who aren’t committed probably would not. You don’t want to be preaching to the choir, or those of us who have already converted, so to get attendance from people on the fence, it may be best to have free classes.

  60. I am a member of an alternative health club in Sun City, Georgetown, Texas. We have a rather large group who would welcome your presentation. I would pay the $15 but not sure about other group members. Will check and let you know.

  61. I have an interest in being part of a committed health and healing community. I would love to meet you Robyn and if the class was offered as a donation value of $15.00 I expect that a few new curious would master the discipline. I want to suggest to you Robyn that part of the growing sustainability movement means you earning money for your work.

  62. You would probably get a better participation if you say free. Really doesn’t make me any difference, the important thing is to learn to make them. So I’ll say free

  63. I would be glad to prepay $15 in order for a chance to win a Blendtec blender. I am not in a position to buy one now, so that sounds like a great option if you are willing to come to Las Vegas.

  64. I dropped down to this “Leave a ….” to say this: I am too old to remember when I started making ‘green smoothies’ but I am enjoying the notarity. My wife and those of my family I have disclosed the fact that the large, plastic container in the fridge (a “Canucks” souvenir from one of their hockey games) has a ‘green smoothie in it. I enjoy the reaction I get. Ug! that is not for me. I say it not only tastes good it is good for you. Oh well!!

  65. Am I the only one who can never seem to post to these things?

    I would be glad to prepay $15 in order for a chance to win a Blendtec blender. I am not in a position to buy one now, so that sounds like a great option if you are willing to come to Las Vegas.

  66. I think the $15 would let you know how many you need to buy food for and if it is worth having a class in the first place. No sense having a class and no attendees. If people are willing to commit a $15 preregistration fee and show up to be a winner then I weould be firm at $15. Heck I pay $95 for raw classes and she has to have 5 people before she will even consider running it. I also don’t get a blenter chance at the end of the class. Are you coming to Western MA to do a show?

  67. I think the $15 would let you know how many you need to buy food for and if it is worth having a class in the first place. No sense having a class and no attendees. If people are willing to commit a $15 preregistration fee and show up to be a winner then I weould be firm at $15. Heck I pay $95($50 down preregistration) for raw classes and she has to have 5 people before she will even consider running it. I also don’t get a blenter chance at the end of the class. Are you coming to Western MA to do a show?

  68. I would happily pay $15 for your class w/o a raffle! I wonder if it would still pay to have only those who wish to enter the raffle pay the $15? Maybe not. But $15 is a bargain for any educational seminar or demonstration. And who couldn’t use an extra blender?

  69. I have a blender too, so free would be my choice, but I would still enter for the blender if it ended up not being free.

  70. I would gladly pay $15 and hope if I didn’t get the blender maybe a chance to get a t-shirt. Unfortunately I think when you are here in Anaheim I will be away at the strawberry festival. I am so bummed. You were down the street from me at the Long Beach air port and I would have loved to have talked to you. I am so concerned about my daughters allergies and skin condition, but I keep reading and hoping that I can make the proper changes for her. Sorry to go off topic.

    Blessings Monica

    1. Monica–sorry I didn’t see you when I was in Long Beach . . . I am cancelling my May 15 trip to Anaheim. Next time!! Good luck with your daughter,

  71. Free if my husband comes. If I come alone, $15 is a great incentive for a blender. Funny how husbands hate to pay for health information…

  72. I would rather pay a $15 fee and have a chance at winning a Blend Tec Blender. My daughter and her husband -who are on a limited budget – need a good blender, and I would be thrilled to be able to give them one. I already own a Blend Tec, and would love, love for them to have one too. 🙂

  73. free … already have a blender

    sell the books and t-shirts

    you should combine classes with a full hour on square foot gardening!! add some references to soil remineralization, humic acids, and micorrhyzae fungi … BECAUSE that’s where every green smoothie gets its start!

  74. 1-free

    but, pre-register to give you a head count

    more people will come, and more will invite friends to attend this way

    ongoing contact through e-mail is your most valuable piece of influence

  75. I would be more than willing to pay $15. But, you might get more people exposed to the benefits of green smoothies or that might not be able to afford the registration fee. Sometimes, if we realize the benefit of something, we make sacrifices to make it happen. I would give up the chance of a Blendtec, if it might introduce someone to a healthier lifestyle.

  76. Why not do both…offer the free class and ask people as they arrive if they would like to have a chance to win a new blender valued at $400 just like the one you will use in the class for a small price of $15? Then once you’ve demonstrated the blender and maybe have a small break in class ask the group again if they would like to have the chance to win a blender for the $15 ticket. You get the benefit of having a lot of people come to the class and learning the value of green smoothies and see the awesome Total Blender in action!

  77. I personally like free. Most of your ‘green groupies’ already have a Blendtec. By the way, when are you coming to Mesa, AZ?

  78. Do it free and sell raffle tickets for the blender.

    I’d come either way.

    Please do come to Asheville, NC!!

    We’ve had the Graff’s, Victorus Kulvinskas, Rod Rotundi, Katherine clark, Paul Nissan, David Wolfe, and more.

  79. I’m torn. Free would mean more people and that might mean it would be too packed, hard to get in and get a seat. $15.00 isn’t too much, however in order to get someone to go that just wants to find out what this is all about it would be hard to get them there. I vote for free and then another class, more detailed you can charge $15.00 for, however, I would rather be able to buy the blender at a discounted easy pay price than take a chance on trying to win it!

  80. I would say FREE but at the class give the option to pay $15 for a drawing to win the Blender, and love to have you come to Kansas City Missouri!!!

  81. Personally I would love the chance to win a turbo blender and I would happily pay the $15.00 for that opportunity.

  82. I live in Green Bay Wi. I would like to see the class free.Friends and family would come. I also have a Vita Mix. I would come without friends and daughter if class was not free.

  83. I would prefer free. I already have a BlendTec. Or at least 15.00 to those that can afford it and offer free to those who want to come and cant afford it. I feel bad for those that are less fortunate because of health problems and could do better if they knew what they could do to help themselves. Many years ago I was in this situation. I learned how to say good bye to medicine and doctors. Finally took charge of my own body. Needless to say I am doing great now!

  84. I would love to go to one of your classes and wouldn’t mind paying $15.00 even without the raffle!

  85. i would rather have a prize to win your class. who knows somebody might get a $400 blender and it sit in the cabinet. at least they could learn something with your free class. I would suggest charging for the class and let everyone know the money goes toward winning somehting educational. sell it like a raffle ticket and maybe blendtec would sponsor your class and have a deal for products by taking your class.

  86. I would attend for free because I have never been to one of your classes/seminars and don’t know what to expect. I am sure they would be great!

    I wouldn’t mind paying $5.00 to get in and everyone could/would pay $5.00



  87. Dear Robyn,

    First of all, thank you for doing the classes. The one in Dallas was wonderful. I told some of the employees at another Whole Foods store in my area about your presentation and I was happy to have 3 friends there. I would rather have the class FREE, enabling us to invite several people to come, if possible, to be educated first hand by you.

    Thanks again,

    Jo M

  88. If one of us in attendance is guaranteed to win a Blendtec, I would gladly put in $15 to have the possibility of taking one home. Boo Ya!

  89. Free, I already have a blender. Besides every time I attend a class I learn something new. I am having a really hard time with finances as I am sure everyone is too. Also, if I invite other friends, I think I would have an easier time getting them to come if it was free.

  90. Free is great. Especially right now at this time of the economy when so many people are really needing it and are really appreciating the help. Every little bit counts. Thanks Robyn.

  91. I think a FREE class would always be best. I think you will get more people out to your classes that way. People who are just learning about healthy eating lifestyle would also more more apt to go to a class that is free.

  92. $15 – I to already have a blender, but the opportunity for someone else to win one would be a great pleasure.

  93. I’m definitely casting my vote for option number 2. – I would LOVE to have a chance at winning one of those high tech blenders. ~ Dennis

  94. I’d prefer free. Already have a Blendtec. But you’re definitely worth the $15. Good point however, that if it’s free more couples would attend. In any case, YOU ARE AMAZING!

  95. Well I already have a Blender so I’d say free. On the other hand I’d pay $15 to go to one anyway just so someone else has a chance for a free one. I remember how much it hurt my wallet to get mine.

  96. I would like it to be free. I already have both the Vita-mix and Blendtec machines. Plus , I have small children and it is dificult to leave home and go somewere. But, if you were to come to my town, and still have to charge a small fee, I would love the chance to come to your class!

  97. $15 is not very much to pay for your time and great information. Your classes should not be free – that implies that the information you provide is not valuable. You already give away great free contact through your website and e-mails. At the very least you could donate a portion of the funds to a cause.

    The blender raffle is a fabulous bonus!

  98. Hey there! I would do either, although I already have a Blentec. It would def be worth $15 to see you though. Whatever you want to do. Just come to Nyc to do it! Lol! Take care.

    ~Jenny in SI

  99. Free please. I have a Vitamix that I love plus a free seminar is better for newbies who are unsure of green smoothing.

  100. Pre-registration and $15. Since I already have a blender, it would be great to get another one to give as a gift to family or friends who would be interested in better health. I can already think of someone. I am a newbe and anxious to learn all you have to teach me about eating healthy. Thanks

  101. $15.00 is a small fee for the education & information, plus you probably offer samples. I already have a blendtec but its always good to have more than one. Another option is to offer the meeting for free and if anyone wants to take a chance, buy a raffle ticket!

  102. I would gladly pay $15.00 for a class that teaches you how to become healthier. I love your site and have been making some of your smoothie’s that I get from online, and even my grandchildren love them. They don’t seem to be bothered by the color of them at all. a

    And having a chance to win a Blendtec total blender, well, I have been wanting one of these blenders for a long time.

    Do you ever come to Kansas? Would love to have you here!!

  103. Hi Robyn, I would pay $15 for the seminar. The chance to win the blender is a bonus. Thank you!

    p.s. please come to Northern California!!

  104. I love free classes, it is easier to bring friends to them, and husbands too. Also, I’d rather not help foot the bill to buy someone else a blender, thanks. 😉 Kherna

  105. I think you could have it both ways since blender is great and new people free is better before they commit.

  106. Hi Robyn!

    I would pay for sure! either way I think you need to come to Canada! Edmonton Alberta! we’d love to have you!!!

    (P.S you can’t satisfy everyone)

  107. I already have the blender, so FREE is good! It would also make it easier to convince my friends to come learn how easy and yummy eating healthy can be!


    Park City, UT

  108. I live between the Phila. PA and Princeton, NJ area and would gladly pay $15 to attend and get a chance to win a blender.

  109. I like free since I live in central Florida and not in the city and usually I have to drive a ways to get to classes.

  110. What about charging the $15 and if someone asks to participate because they have a blender, let them?! I don’t know..

  111. Hi Robin,

    I will pay for sure, you should come to Oberlin, Ohio, we have a great community here that is always open to learn new ways to stay healthy, and we really need more moms in this movement.

  112. I attended your free 1.5 hour demo in San Diego last year. (Is that the same as a class?) Enjoyed the info and the sample of your smoothie. I would not have attended if there were a $15 charge. I don’t think the store where you appeared would have allowed you to charge. Or at least they’ve never charged for any classes that I know of.

  113. Definitely FREE! More people would be likely to attend. A free blender is nice but free admission is something everybody gets not just one person.

  114. $15 is nothing compared to the valuable information I think that will be received, plus the chance at a few freebies. I hope to see you in Indy soon.

    Thanks for all your hard work and valuable information.


  115. I think the $15/class is fair. What about a family discount? Some family members need more convincing.

  116. I agree with Ms. Cassie “$15 is not very much to pay for your time and great information. Your classes should not be free.” Anyways if someone wants free they can always look for you at youtube. I will love to take one of your classes!! <3

  117. I would rather have the class free. I think that more people would come and then your presentation could get them hooked! Are you doing any more classes in the the Utah, SL, or Davis County area? Unfortunately I can’t make it to the Lehi class.

  118. I say free because if I were coming for the first time I would rather pay for the Green Smoothie Diet book and feel like I walked away with something priceless in my hands. I honestly believe once someone gets on board they will figure out a way to get the nice blender. Thanks for all you do and I love my morning smoothies.

  119. I would like the class free, but only because I have a blender. I like someones suggestion for a family discount so for family doubters. The classes would be more beneficial for me right now. Thanks, so much!

  120. I have a great vita mixer now so I guess I’d go for the free class. If I didnt have a blender/mixer I would opt to pay the $15

  121. Free! I do actually own a Blendtec, but even if I didn’t I’d rather buy it myself if I wanted it than spend $15 on a chance. Probability tells me I’m usually going to lose money on such propositions.

  122. Free. $15 is a reasonable price to pay and the chance at a blender very cool but I probably would never be able to get $15 from my husband for something like that.

  123. Free, I already have a blendtec. And those that are just researching it vs juicing like I was just a short 6 months ago or so might not want to pay $15 but they may come to a free class / seminar. Tie it in with local whole foods co-ops and the like and I think they would be well attended.

  124. Wow! Look at all those comments! I’m all for free; I haven’t been to one of your demos; though, I’ve got your green smoothie book and the 12 steps (–not done yet) and… a blender. Althoooogh, hey…just thought of something… my brother who had cancer and who’s throat is now the diameter of a pinkie finger. Every meal he ‘eats’ has to be liquid, withOut chunks in it. So, perhaps I Would be willing to win a blender after all for the $15.00 class fee. I like what you’ve written on your website. You seem to be well-read and well-researched. So I would think the class would be worth the price. I would definitely be more likely to come if it was free though. Where do we find out about your classes?

    1. Lynnette, I always mention classes I’m doing here, and on the GreenSmoothieGirl facebook fanpage.

  125. How about paying the $15 and being able to bring a friend for free? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a blender!!!!

  126. FREE~ since seeing your website already convinced me to get me own Total Blender! But the only thing I make are you green smoothies so I’d love to have a class and get more ideas!

  127. Free Class – I make green smoothies almost every day and have for over 1.5 yrs. now and I have a cheap blender. I would love to have more people exposed to the info you have on making and why make green smoothies so if free gets them there great. Besides they will save enough money leaving behind the junk food that they can start to save and buy their 400.00 blender if they want one. Lov’in smoothies!!

  128. I think that a free workshop sparks interest & you could offer t-shirts for purchase along with the blender.

    I love the green smoothies & have been drinking them for about 2 years & feel great. Would love to get you to come to my area & do a presentation.

  129. Hi GSG:

    I prefer you charge. Not to win anything — but for the sake of the class as a whole. Freebies attract a certain crowd. A reasonable door fee weeds out the lookey-loos and tends to attract people who are more committed to their health and willing to take steps to improve. This lifts the tone of the class as a whole, and also makes your job a lot easier.

    I would come either way. But I’ve put on lots of seminars, both free and otherwise — and I much prefer the otherwise.

    Looking forward to your seminar —

    Daniel Bushnell

  130. $15 is a great bargain at a chance to win a Blendtec and listen/learn from you. I have a Blendtec (and looooove it!) but I know my mom and aunt could use one so if I were to win one, it would be awesome to be able to give my mom or aunt a Blendtec! Please come to San Antonio, Texas soon! :o)

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