Natural Ways to Deal with Stress

My friends, the past month has been one of the most stressful periods  in memory. Not “too-much-work” stress (the kind you can dig your way out of) but just “life-circumstances” stress (the kind you can’t usually solve–you just have to slog through it).

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been through stuff too, huh.

So the very worst thing you can do is eat SUGAR. You burn out your adrenal glands quickly that way. (The vast majority of us have stressed, overworked, even partially destroyed adrenal glands. And you really need those puppies to keep your mood stable through trials.)

So guess what we want when we’re stressed? Comfort. Sugar.

Vicious cycle.

This winter, the “liquid coconut macaroon” has been such a godsend. I discovered this healthy hot cocoa that is so nutritious, at the beginning of the winter. My kids loved it so much, and I loved it AND its superfood ingredients so much, that I put it here in the store:

Healthy Hot Cocoa

All I knew when I first ordered it was that it had no refined sugar (just low-glycemic unrefined coconut palm sugar) and non-dutched cocoa. I was ecstatic, though, when I got it, that it also contains four different types of mushrooms that are used as superfood medicine in China for immune system repair, cancer treatment/prevention, and much more.

If I feel the need for a treat, I make a mug of cocoa. The coconut milk powder is low in calories, delicious, and high in lauric acid and other compounds that are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. The cocoa contains the mushrooms and chocolate. The whole mug  is about 100 calories.

I seriously love this stuff and just went to make myself a mug, writing this–it’s been my treat almost every day. Not just because it’s yummy and healthy, and not only because it’s chocolate (which has chemical properties women sometimes downright NEED), but also because  there’s something very comforting about a mug of something hot.

I am blessed to report that through some difficult times this winter, I have still never gotten sick. There was one day I felt about 50% and didn’t go to the gym, but otherwise, that’s it.

Stress we cannot always control. But what do you do to remedy it? Yoga is another way I’ve gotten through the past 18 months–also prayer, time with good friends, and “me” time doing things I love (tennis, skiing). Melatonin before bed so my racing brain doesn’t keep me awake. Essential oils like peppermint.

Tell us your ideas. What natural things do you do, when you’re stressed? Let’s avoid “solutions” like Zoloft and Xanax that just cause other problems.

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  1. To counteract stress I form daily habits of journaling in my gratitude journal right when I wake up and right before bed. After journaling I do a Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This helps me clear my mind and keep my thoughts focused on the positive: what is good and what is going well in my life. About 4 times a week I go for a walk/ jog for an hour on a wooded trail near our house. while jogging I stop and do yoga stretches about half way through. I also use the reflexology points on the bottom of my feet while jogging.

    I quit eating sugary desserts and candy last November 09 and I seemed to have a lot less inflammation as a result.

    Since I started drinking the Green Smoothies exactly 1 month ago I have no more inflammation in my stomach. I have a list of other positive benefits that I’ve journaled in my gratitude journal; i.e. no more constipation, no abdominal pain, I’m thinking more clearly now, I’m getting along better with people, my muscle tone is improving, I have high energy. That definitely relieved a lot of stress for me. Thank you Robyn !

  2. to Kim on march 11: Just today a friend wouldn’t try my green smoothie because he didn’t know what was in it. so: isolate each item in your green drink and take only one item each day to determine which food you are having an allergy /rejection to. I do not use a green powder and i vary the ingredients by whatever produce is in the fridge. Ideas: I always start with soaking whatever 3 seeds I’m going to use like chia, sesame, flax, or hemp seed, maybe 2 tb each. After 15 min the seeds become gelatinous and I add it at the end of ingredients. My fav green is kale (nutrition dense) but any green will do, even lettuce. An apple, always a banana (I freeze to keep them handy), orange, and to sweeten the kale I like a frozen coconut juice from Thailand called “Queens Diamond Brand”, but any coconut will do, fresh or canned.

    I too don’t feel satisfied with only liquid, so I eat raw almonds and/or raw cashews with it. Good luck, sis, keep experimenting. ps also consider using a pure water, not tap water.

  3. Robyn,

    This is a very expensive product! I need to know how many ounces/how many servings I’m going to get out of it. Enlarging the view (in order to attempt to read the label) does me no good. I just get a window with the same size view of the packaging.

    I’m a little leery of processed foods, too (Michael Pollan calls them “edible food-like substances”). I want to know what the process was for making this product. Your ad needs to give more info, please. 😀

    Thanks so much!


  4. Meditation, exercise/yoga, prayer, super nutritious foods, talks with friends, good reads like Green Smoothie Girl support (thank you, all!) loving on my doggies! Really want to try the healthy hot cocoa…..yummy!

  5. Hi Robyn,

    I’m a friend of Rex and Brent’s. Great blog post.

    Stress is one of the biggest health concerns going right now. People don’t realize that it is one of the major contributing factors to obesity, strokes, heart disease, respiratory disease, memory loss. Also, if you get stuck in stress too long, the stress chemical cortisol destroys your brain cells and adrenaline forces you to focus your attention on the stressor, which only causes more stress. If you get stuck in stress, the blood leaves the part of your brain you need to imagine a brighter future, plan how to create a brighter future, and see yourself as capable of achieving your brighter future. You even get locked out of the part of your brain that allows you to feel joy.

    I’ve tried EFT, EMDR, Yoga, meditation, TAT and more. These all provided some benefit, but they didn’t seem to provide the lasting type of change I was looking to find.

    After a 30 year personal quest to eliminate the stress of past traumas and difficult life challenges I found something that really worked, Neuroscience. Specifically, Neuroplasticity, the brain science that understands how to make lasting changes to your brain.

    After years of research and testing, I found that if you make very specific changes to the neuropatterns (not brain wave patterns) stored in your brain that your emotions, your thoughts and your life change for the better.

    Hope this doesn’t seem to self serving, since I pioneered this technique, but my mission is to give people the tools to free themselves from the debilitating neuropatterns that keep them in stress and keep them from manifesting their dreams.

    Check it out



  6. Over the past year and a half our family has made some huge transitions. It all started because of the Greem Smoothie girl and we are very appreciative. I started feeling so good after changing our diet that I took a leap of faith and went off of Wellbutrin which I had been on for 5-6 years. In my family, 6 out of 7 sibblings are on some form of medication for depression. I had suffered from it my entire life. It is sooooooooooooo amazing to be free of the medication and feel good naturally. I attribute most of the anxiety and depression to my poor eating habits. Lots of sugar, white flour, etc. We now drink green smoothies every day, stopped dairy and meat and eat so much healthier.

    As far as stress relievers go, eating better has decreased the anixiety but adding walking, swimming and biking have been huge helps. I wish I had know about the green smoothie lifestyle 25 or 30 years ago. Thanks Robyn!!!!!

    I will definitely start looking in to EFT and some of the other ideas posted here. They sound amazing.

    Thanks Everyone!!

  7. I was just wondering if the “liquid coconut macaroon” is safe during pregnancy & safe for little kids as well. I know even some “natural” things are harmful during pregnancy.

    So enjoy your website! Thank you!

    1. Nicki, most things (even whole foods and superfoods–but also drugs and herbs) are not studied for their use by pregnant women, because of the obvious ethical issues, but the ingredients are just food, not chemicals, etc. Very safe for little kids!

  8. Robyn,

    This is a wonderful community with such helpful tips. Robyn, ‘maybe you weren’t aware of the feedback you would be receiving – and the benefits we readers could reap from engaging in this blog, but you started something from the heart and look how it’s grown! I have not met you personally, but I love you already.

    “Conventional”, “Western Medicine” is not necessarily bad. I have firsthand seen the benefits in patients and experienced it myself during an arrhythmia attack). What’s more, medicine (especially general anesthesia is a blessing when given by a competent MD). This, I appreciated when I opted for surgery to deal with cancer.


    Pharmacist & Advocate of Alternative Medicine (one can be both)

  9. Chanting always helps ! :))

    There are plenty of alternatives out there to prescription drugs IF you are seeking a supplement that will aid you during those trying times in life.


    Korean Ginseng

    Rhodiola Root

    Schisandra Berry

    Reishi Mushroom which has MANY AWE*Some purposes

    Yohimbe Bark


    LEMON BALM another goodie !

    Skull Cap





    Astragulus Root


    Rooibos Tea

    Bee Pollen




    Kava Kava (potent, not intended for long term use)


    Wheat Grass has a high Chlorophyll content helps to swiftly recover one from stress or illness

    Suma Root


    Bacopa Monnieri


    Green Tea



    Recommend all persons interesting in adding ANY supplement to search constituents, benefits and Contraindications (precautions) in case there are any interactions or warnings which need to be realized.

    From what I have been learning many times the signs (red flags) are indicative of a possible dificiency in our bodies which causes a “reaction” and manifest in many ways (one of which is stress) Stress can cause many ailments but prolonged stress unresolved or unattended to can cause serious dis-ease(s)

    Bee Well 😉


  10. Wow! so many great ideas! I have just entered the world of EFT and have really found it effective. I AM a doTERRA person and a LOVER of essential oils and aromatherapy! I actually have a daily routine of dropping a drop or 2 of Balance-a grounding blend that I call my nerve tonic-and Serenity-a calming blend-in my hands rubbing them together and inhaling deeply a few times. Then I rub that on my forehead and back of my neck and hold it there for a few seconds. I also diffuse it a ton during the day and it keeps me calm. I had a few days without it and could really tell the difference. I imagin if I coupled that with Yoga & meditation I would REALLY feel great! I am supposed to be on Zoloft and I refused so I feel super blessed to have found one of many natural and powerful solutions!

  11. EFT definitely works. Also, check out TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique), and Zpoint Process. You can google all three. Donna Eden also has a book called Energy Medicine for Women. Lots of stuff in there about how to naturally deal with female stuff of all types through energy medicine. Donna also has videos on youtube with some good exercises…

  12. Your comments are very interesting to read. I have had a very different story about the green drink and hope to get some help and some other information as I try to make myself healthier. The green drink has been making me sick. I can’t seem to drink it without feeling sick for the rest of the day. I have found a green source powder from MOMs mixing it with OJ seems to be ok, but I don’t have any benefits that you are all are talking about and I still have to eat something cause it doesn’t fill you up at all.

    I have a lot of problems that most of the doctors can’t determine, so I am trying to figure things out for myself. I am very intrigued about the EFT and Natural Calm, which a lot of you have mentioned. What exactly are these things and where can I find them?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    1. Try eating food with the green drink. The nutrition is very powerful and can cause cleansing reactions (your body is doing good things, but it can make you uncomfortable).

      You can google on EFT; I believe there’s a free manual on how to do it, online.

  13. Please help me understand the health pros and cons between “juicing” and “blending”. After buying the BlendTec, I started drinking the green smoothies. But should I also be “juicing” too?

  14. Stress I know!! Things that help me are: Daily yoga practice before my kids get out of bed which means I have to be up at 6,30. Tricky in the winter when I have to light my wood fire first but I’ve been doing it for so long now its a habit!! Part of my practice involves tapping, cross patterning and activations at the beginning and relaxation techniques after all the postures. The style of Yoga I have been practising is Dru and its been my life saver!! Other things are treating myself to a Bowen, Reiki, Massage or Network Chiropractic treatment. One or all of these are also amazing!! I have three children and two ex partners and no family in Australia so I have to look after myself!! Other things which help are walking in the forest and a hugh network of friends. Having community dinners with other families help to avoid the social isolation. I have not given up chocolate yet….maybe one day!! Good luck and hope this helps someone…

  15. second nominations for Natural Calm, and EFT. most everyone is deficient in magnesium, also called “The Great Calmer”. it works like a charm, once you find your dose. it’s also a clean product only sweetened with stevia, and it’s got the blend of the calcium to make it fully absorbable.

    as for EFT, it is the most effective healing tool i’ve come across, which is why i’ve just graduated advanced practitioner training. i use it for everything, and the more i do it, the more my worries melt away.

    love what you do! thanks for these yummy recommendations. i’ll be jumping on that wagon really quick!

  16. I am a reflexologist. I help people relax and destress everyday. I love what I do. To make it complete for my clients I use essential oils too. When they are very stressed I use doTERRA’s mood matrix on their feet. 1st you apply Serenity and work in to improve relaxation; then use Citrus Bliss which is very uplifting; then Elevation which once again is very mood elevating and finish with Balance which oxygenates every cell. I also diffuse citrus oils at the same time. You can apply these oils on any of your chakras to get the same result. Sometimes we use EFT as well. Any of the citrus oils help improve the mood.

    1. I don’t have a storefront. I have a P.O. Box. The store is online at only. (I have a fulfillment co. but they don’t do will call.)

  17. What I found Has blown even me away. I can not begin to tell you how profound this product is. From a life of PTSD, Sarcoidoses, and cancer in that order and being sent home with the death sentence. When it comes to stress and many other areas I have been there. I found a NATURAL PRODUCT,5 Herbs synchronized that is not only clinically proven but is a human blood tested fact . It lowers ones oxidative stress levels to that of a twenty year old in thirty days regardless of age on average producing millions of anti-oxident hits per second. Free Radical Oxidative stress is viewed to be linked to upwards of two hundred major diseases. Twenty three Universities and research centers are doing research and peer-reviews on there own dime on a natural product WOW. I am amazed at how it brings clarity to the brain. Billion dollar industries developed with all kinds of food and drink antioxidant claims when scientist Dr. Joseph McCord in 1969 co-Discovered the biology of free radical reactions in the living organisms. AS grateful as I am for the benefits of green smoothies that I drink every day NO food or supplement can turn your own body on at the DNA cellular level producing Millions of hits per second fighting free radicals twenty four hours a day Increasing your superoxide dismutase by 34% and in 120 days a 54% increase on catalase. PLEASE Robyn you owe it to your self and others to check this out. Go to Listen to The ABC med News Report. @ in the upper right corner click on TRUETV for more info. My Id. is 102136 custermer service #1-801-432-9300 my email is: r

  18. The Five Tibetan Rites . Has anyone out there tried it?

    Five Rites sounds to good to be true. I think I’ll give it a go.

  19. For the coffee drinkers that need healthy touch of chocolate.

    Try mixing one tablespoon of pure cococa powder and stevia

    to your cup of coffee. Stir well and enjoy 🙂

  20. EFT is excellent, although my favorite stress reliever is the technique taught by the world wide “Art of Living Foundation” known as the Sudarshan Kriya. Su stands for “proper” and darshan means “vision.” Kriya meaning action, and is a yogic practice that is meant to purify the body.

    It is a 20 minute breathing practice/meditation that goes beyond words and worlds. Highly recommend!

  21. I had severe post partum depression many years ago. I was able to get off my anti-depressant by going to a classical Homeopathic physician, improving my diet, good counseling, lots of prayer (and help from Heavenly Father) and support from good friends. In addition, one of my best helps has been Sunrider whole foods. I especially was helped by Conco, Prime Again, and Quinary–all products Sunrider has that help balance the emotions as well as the body.

  22. Vitamin D 500 IU per nt works great…make sure to take it at night. It really helps “calm” you so you awake refreshed. It also is GREAT for bones and we are actually greatly lacking in this particular vitamin, especially if you live in “rain” country as I do…in OR.

  23. EFT is wonderful.

    Check out and listen to the Happy Happy Happy Soul Song. Lots of uplifting things there… hard to stay in the stress.

  24. Wow! I definitely need to get some coconut milk powder! I blogged just the other day about making hot cocoa using Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk, stevia & unsweetened cocoa…delicious!

    I am a stress management consultant…meditation (in many different forms) tops my stress busting list. Since many days get busy, one thing I do for an immediate meditation moment is place a post-it on my computer monitor that says “Be here now.” It is a 2 second reminder to just be in this moment and not in a million other places.

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