Let’s Start an Office Green Smoothie Revolution

So here’s what you do. You send your office mates to GreenSmoothieGirl.com, or have them watch my 3-minute YouTube vid. Together you chip in on a BlendTec or VitaMix for the office. Here’s my review on both machines to help you weigh the pros and cons:


Then you make a plan to take turns picking up ingredients once a week: Frozen mixed berries, bananas, and spinach are cheapest at Costco. Spinach, kale, and chard for the fridge. A couple other fruits like (now, in the winter) apples and oranges.

You have a rotation: Monday it’s Erica’s day to make the smoothie, Tuesday it’s Kyle’s turn, Wednesday it’s Juan’s turn, etc.

Six people in the rotation means a pint a day for each person. Work your way up to a quart, daily, after a while. (Start slowly for those who are in the poorest health to get past any “cleansing reaction” they might have for a few weeks. See that chapter, on my research, in my book The Green Smoothies Diet.)

This is a fantastic way to do very little work, and spend very little money, to get 7-15 servings of greens and fruit in your diet every single day. AND you have that critical piece, for success in making a major lifestyle change–SUPPORT!

One of the managers at BlendTec told me last week that her group is doing a green smoothie co-op as I’ve just described. She loves it and says, “If I’d known it was this easy to get the good stuff in my diet, I’d have done this long ago! Now I’m going to get it going for my family, at home.” She reports that the Accounting group is now working together daily to get a green smoothie to everyone.

Think of the increased energy and productivity and more positive mood, experienced by the vast majority in my research. Every workplace should do this. In fact, GET YOUR BOSS TO PAY FOR IT. I honestly believe your boss will get far more benefit from supporting a green smoothie co-op than it will cost. (You can send him or her a link here to my blog. Blame it on me. Say the boss will get his or her own smoothie made, every day, by the group!)

And report back here how it goes! If you’re a wife worried about your office-job husband’s health, go in and put on a little demo at his work.

Everyone can pitch in. Lots of people will lose weight too. (50% in my research did–every time I do a class, like I just did Friday, someone comes up to my afterward and says, “I was in your research study and I lost 40 lbs. doing green smoothies!”)

Excited? Me too!

Ready, set, GO!