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Hey, somebody made me a facebook fan page, so here it is if you want to keep up with my occasional foray over there!

I also have a regular facebook page under my name. See you there. And, locals, hope to see you at my green smoothie clinic and book signing tomorrow night! (Scroll down to where I posted about it last week if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

I’ll sign The Green Smoothies Diet and also take 5 or 6 copies of 12 Steps to Whole Foods: The Complete Course, who knows, maybe offer a discount at the class.

And LOCALS ONLY, you can pick up some colloidal silver and agave while supplies last in a little mini group buy here, through Mar. 7:

(It’s for local pickup ONLY, no shipping–Alexus will email you about when you can pick up from her in Sandy.)

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