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here are a few things I have from the group buy

Hi, just back from watching soccer and hiking in St. George, and I picked up the big mis-delivered order from Las Vegas as promised, those of you waitlisted whom I told I would get you the almonds, dates, shredded coconut, and cashews.

By the way, we stayed in the most FABULOUS suite, GREAT price, too, in historic downtown: (prices were half what is shown on the website). I highly recommend it to anyone who visits St. George! Big, beautifully decorated, personal service, family owned. And a kitchenette with refrigerator for my cooler full of green smoothies I always travel with!

Turns out I also have

2 boxes chia seed ($117.50 for 25#)
1 box raw pumpkin seeds ($87.45 for 27.5#)
1 box raw sunflower seeds ($40.50 for 25#)
3 gal. coconut oil ($125 for 3 separate gallons)
1 box organic flaxseed ($41 for 25#)

First come, first served–if you want any of this, write me at

Oh, and thanks for all the birthday wishes on Facebook–loved seeing those on my blackberry while I was gone, so kind of y’all!