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junior affiliate?

So I was volunteering in the lunchroom and recess at my 4th grader’s charter school. One of the moms came up to me and said she was a fan and had my 12 Steps program and recipe collections. To prove it, she reached into her pocket, pulled out a whole cucumber, and took a bite. (LOL!)

She said, “Know how I learned about your site? Your daughter Libby walked up to me two years ago in the lunchroom and said, ‘Hey. My mom has a web site. It’s called You should go there.'”

I couldn’t stop laughing! I told 12 y.o. Libby later that day when she got home all about becoming a GSG affiliate. Let’s see what she can do in school cafeterias, ha! (The best part is that she is my most resistant child, nutritionally.)

I’ve approved lots of affiliates in the last two days, from Norway to New Zealand to Tanzania. They have a green smoothie dog web site or a P.E. certification web site; they are a health coach, a network marketer, a handmade soap maker, a healing center owner, a detox specialist, a La Leche League counselor, a bunch of family bloggers, a celiac blogger, a jewelry designer, and lots more.

Welcome all–I love the diversity!