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Affiliate program official kick-off today

My newsletter went out this morning about the GreenSmoothieGirl Affiliate Program, and I just approved tons of new affiliates. It’s fun to read about their varying backgrounds, web sites and marketing strategies! Some GreenSmoothieGirl Affiliates are doulas, chefs, natural beef ranchers, fitness instructors, green smoothie bloggers, VitaMix and BlendTec demo reps, bath/beauty product developers, holistic doctors, and herb store owners. Others own web sites dedicated to high school soccer, green living, raw food, cooking, dog training, homeschooling, vegetarians.

You are all so welcome on my site and I am honored that you would promote my information products to the world. I hope to help you in the one thing we all have in common: a desire to help others be healthy.

Here’s the newsletter that went out this morning:

We have been working on this so long, with hundreds of folks waitlisted . . . thank you for being patient . . . drum roll please . . .

Please join the affiliate program!

What’s an affiliate program? I’m so glad you asked!

Many popular web sites have one. If you are an affiliate, you get your own unique URL. You send people through that link to join 12 Steps to Whole Foods, or get recipe collections, or anything else on the site. And you get a commission of 20% of all purchases on information products, payable monthly via PayPal.

When someone you’ve referred through your link comes BACK to the site and makes a purchase, you are credited with a referral; 20% for most products–or 30% if you reach $1,000 in any month.

It’s a beautiful thing if you have a blog or web site, or if you teach classes, or if you run a co-op, or if you do BlendTec or VitaMix Costco demos. Or if you’re just a big green smoothie fan and want to share the love. We regularly get mail saying “I send everyone to your site.” You can now be compensated for that as well as help people implement good nutrition in their lives.

If you sign up as an affiliate, you can click through to a link to get your own customized business cards with your unique GSG URL on it.

Here‘s the link to sign up.

After you sign up, you can grab some banner ads to put on your web site or blog. Just talk about whatever your favorite products are and put the banner ad out there for people to click on. It’s really simple! Our affiliate program has a robust back end where you can log in and see your sales as the month progresses.

Then, if someone you know buys 12 Steps to Whole Foods: The Complete Course, you get paid $30. This can be truly residual income, since you don’t have to touch the product or even the customer to make sales.

If you are a doctor or health food store owner, by purchasing physical product to stock in your practice or store shelves (minimum $449), you get a 30% discount, a reseller option within the affiliate program. (That’s 3 full-course kits, or 6 course manuals.) My information products teach people how and why to use the products sold in health food stores. Just indicate in the affiliate signup process, in the marketing plan section, that you want to be considered as a reseller, and you’ll be sent a coupon code for 30% off purchases that meet that minimum.

We need more people out there helping others learn to eat whole foods. (We as a culture have forgotten how!) Everything I’m doing on this site is to that end. I hope the affiliate program incentivizes you to spend a little of your time doing so. MANY of you who read this site are incredible in the way you teach and inspire others to eat a high-raw, whole-foods lifestyle! GO YOU!!

To Your Health,

Robyn Openshaw

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