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Peru, part 6 with photos

I wrote earlier of a village we discovered with three people living there who are 110 to 120 years old. These are photos of one of the village elders, with the ancient Incan rings she found when she was a child on her hand. The other photo is me with Kynet and Marco, whom I […]

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Peru, part 5

I did, of course, take a Total Blender along to Peru to teach the orphanage’s cook. The kids were enthralled with how high tech it is. Here’s Carlos drinking a green smoothie and a not-great photo of me making it. I went to this open-air market (that’s how you buy food in Peru) and chose […]

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The Sunflower Orphanage, Peru Part 4

I have much more to tell you about our trip to Peru and especially the Sunflower Orphanage. In the swings (THANK YOU to GSG reader Patti for these photos!) are Purfita, Dayana, Janina, and me. Janina is so cute and sweet, but she is impish and lets you know EXACTLY how she wants things to […]

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Tomato sprouts??

I cut into a tomato today and thought I saw a worm (gag!) but upon closer inspection it looked like a sprout.   A couple other tomatoes had the same and I think they might have started to sprout after being in my pantry for a week.   I knew the tomatoes where a little […]

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Making an order

On December 3 I excitedly made an order for the Cocoa & Coconut Milk Powder.   On December 13 I received an email stating that there was a glitch in the system and my order was in route and would be to me in 2-3 business days.   I still haven’t received my order.   […]

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Group Buy Items for sale in La Mesa, CA

My name is Skip and I live in La Mesa, CA I still have 50lbs of raw “organic” almonds left from the group buy. I am selling them for $6/lb. Also, I have both organic red clover seeds and organic sunflower seeds for sprouting I am selling the clover for $1/oz and the Sunflower for […]

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Hello from 13,000 feet up in the Andes: Part 3

I just returned from a tour of a hospital in Cusco, Peru. If anyone who reads this site / blog thinks I am anti-doctor, I’m not. I am teaching a nutrition clinic to a pediatrics practice on Jan. 15 at home. But I just gained a newfound appreciation for medical care in America. I think […]

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Chia Seeds

I have read so many good benefits of the Chia Seed. I have read the reviews (1 star to 5 stars). Can You tell me how Chia Seeds have worked for your body. This one guys response said this, “Sorry, I haven’t been using them for a while. My digestive system didn’t seem to be […]

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2 cake recipe contributions from a reader

These recipes were submitted by RuLea Taggart when I blogged about my kids’ birthday cake last August. (I have made healthier ingredient substitutions for these two recipes. Note that I have not tested the recipes, and any comments are welcome!) If you don’t have Original Crystal Himalayan Salt, read my report on it here with […]

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Hello from 13,000 feet up in the Andes: Part 2

Our 11-day trip to Peru will soon be over, and it’s officially the only long trip I have ever taken where I wished I could stay. Emma and I have fallen madly in love with 34 little brown children. We just went to church with them, where some of the girls were wearing Emma and […]

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