Interesting Fact About Coconut Oil

I have reports on the site about why I like coconut oil (for cooking, for your beauty regimen), and at the bottom of each report is a link to the best price on really high quality coconut oil.

A reader purchased coconut oil through the link and had a strange reaction with the oil going bad in about a year. We have never heard this complaint before, and my own oil is good after a few years, so I was curious about the followup this reader got from the company I link to. Here’s what she said, with her advice to you based on her experience:

To keep you posted, I did call Mountain Rose, and they were extremely courteous and attentive to my concerns. They conducted a lab test on the batch that I bought from, and emailed me the following:

‘Thank you for contacting Mountain Rose Herbs regarding your unrefined Coconut oil. Our QC lab manager has investigated your feedback on this oil and responded:

‘I examined our archived lab sample of this lot. It is stable and there is no indication of the oil becoming rancid. This customer may want to inspect the glass jars she uses and make sure they are completely dry before adding any oil. Water (hydrolysis) can cause decomposition of the oil, which can eventually lead to the oil becoming rancid. 11/9/09

‘Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you for your business and for supporting organic agriculture!’

So now, thinking back, some water droplets (few) might have been left in the jar after washing it and adding the coconut oil, due to my excitement to use the stuff. This would make sense because the larger container that I was drawing from seems fine still. I’d like to warn fellow bloggers to completely dry their jars before adding oil. Apparently the growth continues and eventually takes over the jar with bacteria. (Nasty stuff–smells like rotten fish! yuck!)

Thanks for your support and responses! (Mountain Rose still has my patronage because of the kind, professional way they handled my complaint.)