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You’ve probably read me saying that whole plant foods have more than enough protein to rival human breast milk, to satisfy the World Health Organization, and even the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowances!

One uphill battle I face as a nutrition educator is those trying to put on muscle mass, especially weight lifters, competitive athletes, and teenaged boys! Another challenge is helping anyone who wants to lose weight, where increased protein is helpful.

I have a teenaged athlete living in my house. He has to live in the real world, where all his friends are drinking raw eggs and cans of tuna and otherwise obsessing about protein. Here’s the good news: you do not have to drink eggs and eat animal flesh to achieve your goals.

If you’re going to eat protein powders, shakes, and bars, I have this important suggestion: DON’T EAT WHEY OR SOY!

Whey is the protein from dairy milk, the casein used in all of the animal studies in the Oxford/Cornell China Project where the animals (and later, people) fed a 20% animal protein diet suffered from all the modern diseases, especially cancer, and had shortened life expectancies. The evidence is enormous that this protein is harmful to your health.

You can request your free copy of my Nutrition Manifesto special report here, debunking falsehoods you’ve been taught about nutrition by the media:

You can read in my report about the unhappy consequences of putting refined soy products in nearly everything in our food supply. Also read about why dairy is not the source of calcium and protein our mothers believed it was.

Hopefully you know that whole plant foods are the only true route to minimizing disease risk and living with more energy than all your peers. I have made a very exciting discovery and watched my son’s muscle mass and definition increase impressively in the past year using an incredible new product:

It’s Sun Warrior’s sprouted, fermented brown rice protein. Not only a whole food that isn’t stripped of nutrition–but live, and fermented, too. If you follow 12 Steps to Whole Foods, you know from Chapters 7 that sprouting a grain explodes its nutrition almost exponentially. You know from Ch. 8 that fermenting foods predigests their proteins, massively reducing strain on the digestive system.

The only other protein powder I approve of, nutritionally, is hemp, but it makes your smoothies gritty. And it’s not sprouted or fermented.

My son loves to make shakes with this raw, vegan, sprouted, and fermented protein powder, which is silky and delicious in Natural, Chocolate, and Vanilla flavors. My son puts it in the blender with ice, protein, and frozen bananas, plus almond, rice, or raw goat milk.

Adding high-quality protein to smoothies can help you lose fat, lower cholesterol, get in shape and increase muscle tone, as well as normalize your blood sugar.

If you get your protein powder on the right now, you get my new Protein Shakes recipe collection FREE–sent to you as a download. (No surprise here: most of my shake recipes feature raw leafy greens!)

Unlike formulators of other protein powders, these guys at SunWarrior know real nutrition. Not false doctrines of bodybuilder nutrition, which promotes food full of chemicals and animal products. This is the superior nutrition I teach on where whole foods and live enzymes are important. And the only sweetener is the herbal stevia.


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