Where to get young Thai coconuts

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I’m local and can’t find young Thai coconuts! Where do you get them?

Answer: I get them at 1st Oriental Market, 286 North State Street in Orem (Utah), a case of 9 for $15.   (They also have inexpensive, interesting Asian greens, and cheap fresh ginger. Stay away from the Asian processed foods in the middle of the store–they’re even worse than American foods. I’m sure it’s hard for you to imagine, but they’re less savvy about MSG, corn syrup, etc.)

If you aren’t local, try Asian markets first. Even if they don’t sell fresh coconuts by the case, they can probably start ordering for you.   And if not, ask about canned coconut liquid.   NOT COCONUT MILK. (Coconut milk is good for other things, some of my 12 Steps recipes call for it, but for Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, in 12 Steps or the breakfast recipe collection, uses coconut LIQUID–or COCONUT WATER, same thing.)