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Extra Group Buy Items Available in the Phoenix Area

My name is Shanna Anderson and I live in the Phoenix area. I received an extra large shipment of group buy items and have extras that I can now break down into smaller orders (for those who did not want 25# of something).

Here is what I have left as of 12-22-09:

Olive Oil: Extra Virgin – $27 ea gallon – I have 4 gallons

Coconut: Shredded, Organic – $1.85 per lb – I have 15 lbs

VitaMineral Green: $52 ea – (17.6 oz.) I have 2 bottles left

Almonds, Raw (sproutable): $4.00 I have 68 lbs

Walnuts, raw: $4.00 per lb – I have 23 lbs

Chia Seeds: Raw, Hulled (sproutable) – $5.50 per lb I have 15 lbs

Flaxseed: Organic, Raw – $1.80 per lb – I have 24 lbs

Dates: Chopped, Rolled in Oat Flour – $1.55 per lb – I have 25 lbs

Apricots: Organic, Dried, Whole – $3.30 per lb – I have 21 lbs

I can break these down into any weight (1 lb minimums each please) and will be available for pickup in either Gilbert (Country Club/Baseline), or in the Buckeye area which ever is most convenient.

Please contact me by either email at or call me at 623-332-2622

(Amounts I have left on this page may not accurately reflect what is available when you contact me, so please check with me first)

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