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12 Steps printed manual available now . . . discount if you already own the download

You are the first people I’m inviting to check out the PRINTED COURSE MANUAL for 12 Steps to Whole Foods. I’ve been promising this for a long time, haven’t I? And the affiliate program is right behind it–14 affiliates are beta testing the online system right now.

The big holdup has been pulling all the pieces together for the expanded course, $149.95 for course manual, journal, 28 videos on DVD, audio files on 5 CDs, all four additional recipe collections on CD, a copy of The Green Smoothies Diet, and 12 Steps blog support. (That’s $207 worth of products for $149.95. It’s the entire suite of information products in one kit.)

Anyway, never having done something of this magnitude before, and trying to pull together the affiliate program simultaneously (BlendTec and VitaMix reps will come on as affiliates in early ’10) . . . well, it’s just taken me a while!
So we’re not QUITE there, releasing the full course yet. And I’m not announcing this via newsletter yet (28,000 current subscribers) . . . I’m starting with just you who read this blog . . .

But I’d like to invite you, if you’ve purchased the 12 Steps to Whole Foods digital download previously:

To get AS MANY COPIES AS YOU WANT of the course manual only through Jan. 5, when I get home from Peru (after that, there will be a limit of ONE per customer). It’s $79.95 in the store, but you can use your coupon to apply $39.95 (what you paid for the electronic version, unless you bought it prior to Sept. 09, in which case you paid $29.95) . . .

. . . towards the printed course manual. It has some color photos, color cover, lays flat on your counter for easy use in the kitchen, and over 175 recipes.

We just got an email from a 12 Stepper (and one of the beta testing affiliates) who wants to teach a class starting in January. THIS is your chance to buy a bunch of manuals more inexpensively than we’ll ever do this again, for your class if you want to be a teacher.

If you want to hold out for the full course, hang tight until I announce that. (You’ll get $39.95 off that, too, if you previously purchased the download.)

But some of you have been saying you want 12 Steps for Christmas gifts. Through Jan. 5, you can get the printed manual only, AS MANY COPIES AS YOU WANT USING YOUR COUPON, for $30 instead of $79.95. That’s thanks for testing our brand-new online store AND our new product.

Here’s what you do. The coupon code in the store is the name of the last recipe in Chapter 7! (It’s one word.)

Here’s the link to get it:

Thanks for your patience with the site’s many flaws–I’m planning to become PERFECT in 2010! Let know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions!

I’ll talk more about the affiliate program later, but for now, check it out if you like: