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Bad Coconut?

I just bought my first case (9 ct) of Young Thai Coconuts.   The first one I drained had about 10 oz of brown tinged juice and there wasn’t any meat left in it.   It didn’t smell bad, but it definitely smelled and tasted different than the other juice, so I assumed this was a bad or old coconut  and tossed the juice.   The rest all had mostly ‘clear’ juice (kind of had a yellowish tinge, but much lighter than the ‘bad’ coconut and tasted sweeter) and averaged about 12 oz juice each and 1/2 cup meat each.   The thickness of the meat varied on each coconut from pretty thin to maybe 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick, and the thinner stuff was kind of gelatinous and the thicker was more like tough slimy cooked egg white (yum!).   These coconuts were also very cold, borderline frozen, so I don’t know if that affected them badly.   Since this is my first foray into using fresh Thai coconuts I’m wondering what the juice and meat is supposed to be like?   Does it vary from coconut to coconut,  or are there certain things I should beware of?   I’m excited to try some of the 12 step recipes using the meat but that bad one I opened kind of spooked me and I want to be sure the rest are  okay to use.   Also, how long would this juice last in the fridge?   I froze about half and put the rest in a pitcher in the fridge to use in Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothies, but I wasn’t sure how long it would be okay in the fridge.   One last question-has anyone used any kind of power tool to cut the coconut in half after the juice has been drained?   I cracked them by beating them on concrete while inside a plastic bag, which was kind of messy for me, but my hubbie has tons of power tools and I’m wondering if one would work….   :)