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anyone in Idaho want some raw almonds?

We have had some struggles this year switching to a new shopping cart right as we started the group buy. (Dumb move. NOW I know better. Can you say “bugs?”) Thanks for your patience as we tried to do the group buy on a much bigger scale this year and kinda tripped and stumbled and fell quite a bit. Next year I intend for it to go SO well. :-)

One of the bugs in the software was that for folks from out of state, who wanted to pick up here locally, we couldn’t search on those orders. So in several cases, my shipper sent those AND Jenni emailed to let people pick them up from me.

Consequently, at the moment, I have 100 lbs. of almonds that have arrived in Twin Falls, ID and Boise, ID. If you see this email this week and want them for $300–a great deal with no sales tax and no shipping–let me know by emailing me ( and I’ll hook you up with the customer for pickup.

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