Happy Thanksgiving! And (yum yum yum!) do you like hot cocoa?

This morning I’m compiling my kids’ Christmas wish lists to brave Black Friday early in the morning with my girlfriend. (Gulp. I haven’t done that in 15 years.) I’m putting together the big vegetable plate (okay, I’m taking the plastic off the Costco one I bought) and making a giant fruit salad, as my contributions to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s.

I love when they give me that assignment–okay, raw fruits/vegs are ALWAYS my assignment–because then I know we won’t have a completely heavy, cooked meal. I have my kids fill their first plate up with the good stuff and then (gotta balance my wishes for them to be healthy with reality!) I let them do whatever else they want. I’m always interested to hear how YOU find that balance with your kids. It’s tricky in the modern world for sure. I hear from some of you that you get criticized for being “controlling” if you want to require good nutrition. (Check. Been there.)

Find the balance–it’s not easy, but giving up on health and nutrition is no answer either. Where the balance is, in your situation, is unique, but if you’re a mom or a dad, you’ll be given the intuition to navigate it as gracefully as possible. We’re all flawed. All we can do as parents is TRY, and then get up tomorrow morning and TRY AGAIN.

I love y’all for being here on my blog–because that means you’re TRYING.

I don’t generally like “drinking my calories,” but I do LOVE hot cocoa in the winter. And OH MY GOODNESS, I found the most lovely thing.

It’s Cocoa Mojo, quality organic chocolate (no alkaloids used) sweetened with unrefined coconut palm sugar, which is lower in calories with low impact on your blood sugar. (No blood sugar jolt!) It’s in the store and if you use the code COCOA you’ll get $1 off.

I love to put a big scoop of coconut milk powder in hot water first, to make “milk” that is rich in lauric acid. (This is the compound in mother’s milk that is rare in foods but abundant in coconut oil–Similac and all the rest synthesize it in that garbage they sell as “baby formula” to dry to duplicate human breast milk). It’s a powerful immune booster. After you stir in the coconut milk powder, add the cocoa.

So if you want both, get $2 off by going to the store and entering the code “COMBO” to get the coconut milk powder and the Cocoa Mojo.

I find TWO bags of Cocoa Mojo get me through ONE container of coconut milk powder, FYI.

It’s SO good and it’s a power food (with some other whole-food herbs added, but you won’t even notice). It’s a treat you’ll enjoy through the winter without guilt, when you want something sinful. It’s even shockingly low in calories! Mmmmmm.

Here’s the combo in the store:


Love you tons, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Do give thanks for all your blessings! Mine include good friends who get me through, four beautiful kids, the support and kindness shown me and others on this blog (FROM YOU!), good health, talents I have been given opportunity to use for service, enough money to take care of my family, a big garden, meaningful work that I look forward to (almost) every day, and interests that keep me growing and thinking.

Please tell me your top five things you’re thankful for this year! (Even if you’re reading this after Thanksgiving!)