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almond status, my dinner party, and a teaser about something EXCITING!

So lots of you have been getting your group buy items. It’s fun and the almonds JUST came out of the trees–you’ve probably never had them so fresh in your life!

The one problem we’ve had this year is that almonds came out of the trees later than expected due to weather (Butte Padres, the variety we got, are harvested later than most). So the shellers are backed up and we send a truck every time we can get 10,000 lbs. But we are shipping later than I would like. So we’ve gotten all the orders through Oct. 15 out and are working on Oct. 16-20 this week.

Thank you for your patience! Keep in mind that we’re not a store–we’re facilitating a group buy. So this isn’t Amazon. We collect orders for two weeks, order in quantity from the various suppliers, and then when it arrives we ship it. It’s going well except for ALMONDS being the bottleneck!

I had a dinner party last week. In addition to my boyfriend’s three sisters, his ex-wife, and her sisters and mother (yes, you read that correctly–and said BF was NOT in attendance) . . . a guest star was GSG reader Desiree Hancock.

She is this gorgeous young mom who is a WIZARD in the kitchen and she has been working furiously to test the recipes for our joint production,


It was a surprise for Craig that she made several versions of vegan, whole-grain, naturally sweetened carrot-cake cupcakes, his favorite thing ever. And then he wasn’t there. :( So he tried the cupcakes four days later. And he wrote me something like this:

“OMG!! If it doesn’t work out with you and me, please tell Desiree I want to marry her!!”

That was his reaction to the STALE cupcakes! Holy cow they were SO DANG GOOD! (Sorry, Craig, she’s married.)

Anyway, I’m so excited about the recipe collection to help you offer your family fantastic-tasting “traditional” favorites that you don’t have to feel guilty about! Virtually all the ingredients are vegan and gluten free, and you’ll have lots of raw ingredients too.

I’m excited! Don’t run to the GSG store yet, though, because we won’t have it all perfect and pretty until Weds. This is our first-ever recipe collection with PHOTOS. On Weds., I’ll post a sample recipe and photo–hope you’re as excited as I am to have you try Desiree’s magic!

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