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Locals, if you’re near Lindon / North Orem, there are boxes of free apples in the “Share the Bounty” hut near my house: just south of Center St. on 400 E. (just on the Orem side). They’re not pretty (so they’re probably unsprayed) so the owner clearly could not sell these apples, but they taste good. I’m washing a sinkful right now to quarter, put in baggies, and use in GS through the winter. My freezers are crammed with baggies of garden greens, peaches, apples and pears!

My GS today was persimmons (from Costco), fresh ginger, lemon peel, and cinnamon (with bananas and berries, plus spinach, and garden kale/collards/chard still managing to survive the frost), really really yummy. My kids just got home from school and are commenting that they love it.

Costco today: stocked up on whole-wheat spaghetti and Rice Dream. Those “multi-grain” crackers they’re sampling are junk: the first ingredient is white flour, and there’s refined oil too. “Feel good” food, not truly nutritious.

I read in today’s paper that they’re finding that women who took two types of antibiotics, sulfa drugs (Thiosulfil Forte and Bactrim) and urinary germicides (Furadantin and Macrobid) during pregnancy have higher rates of birth defects. This is the first major research on antibiotic use and pregnancy–even though docs have been prescribing antibiotics to pregnant women at will for decades.

Craig was diagnosed with strep this morning. I had strep many times as a child and ALWAYS my mom put me on an antibiotic, and I’d just get it again. My immune system was decimated until I addressed it with nutrition starting in my late 20’s.

The last time I had strep was 15 years ago, and I was pregnant with my second child. I refused to take the antibiotic. Instead I took goldenseal, an herb that kills viruses and bacteria without harming the healthy bacteria in the gut (like antibiotics do) that you need in your fight against the constant onslaught of contact with bad bacteria. I got well quickly and never got strep again, nor any other bacterial infection.

Anyway, I am getting Vitamin D3 for Craig and his kids when he finishes the round of antibiotics he decided to take. I will make him some kefir too. (He not only got sick after the flu vaccine, his son got pneumonia, and now he had this coughing thing immediately followed by strep. He’s been sick 3x in the few weeks since getting that shot.)

It takes about 30 days of exposure to good probiotics to replenish the healthy flora in your body after antibiotic use. You can take probiotics, or eat kefir/yogurt (not the kind with sugar added, please), or both.

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