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Hi everyone, I’m getting ready to launch not only my affiliate program, but also the EXPANDED, shipping 12 Steps to Whole Foods program (printed manual and recipes, dvd’s, cd’s, journal, all add’l recipe collections on cd, AND The Green Smoothies Diet book).

If you’re a 12 Stepper and you’re willing to write me a detailed testimonial about your experience with it, please send it to Jenni/Jackie at (or –shameless plug — write it here as a comment to this blog). What did you learn? Do you like the recipes? Do you tell others about it? How does it compare to other information in the nutrition space?

In exchange, please choose any information product on the site as a thank you–just tell Jenni/Jackie what you want!

(If you HAVE all the information products on the site, I have a holiday recipe collection coming out in TWO WEEKS, woohoo. Hang tight for that, if it’s what you want, and write us then to ask for it.) (Since you already got 12 Steps some time ago, you could get the prettier-indexed-very well edited version as your choice, too.)

By the way, 12 Steps to Whole Foods went up in price $10 recently (it also, however, is fully indexed and beautifully formatted with a handful more photos). As we have much more cost in it, the price will be going up again soon. So if you can live with the digital version, get it now if you’ve been meaning to and don’t want to find out later the price went up again.

That said, if you want to wait, we’ll soon have a manual-only physical course–in addition to the whole kit-and-caboodle (DVDs/CDs etc.).

I don’t mean to brag (and it’s desigers/editors who get credit anyway), but 12 Steps is so pretty now I can’t even stand it.

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