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Sour Dough Bread/Kefir

I think I might be doing something wrong with my sour dough starter that I bought from the source in the 12 steps book.

I feed and water it everyday and leave it in a jar on the counter. It has a real fermented smell. It forms a waters, bubbly layer each day. I finally had time to watch the video that came with it and she showed where hers had risen (which mine hasn’t) and mentioned that she pulled it out of the fridge. Did I mess this stuff up already? I followed the directions that were sent with it. On the directions is says you don’t have to refridgerate it unless you need it to rest and aren’t going to feed it everyday.

Can someone help me?

Also, I have a question about kefir. We don’t do cow’s milk in our home. I have been making almond milk for years now. My two youngest children and I have a sensitivity to cow’s milk. However, after reading the 12 steps book I hunted for local kefir grains, found them and have been using them ever since. My two little ones (2 and 3) are developing exema again on the backs of their arms and elbows. They didn’t have this before so I feel certain it’s the kefir. I make it with organic 2% cows milk. In our state it’s nearly impossible to find raw milk and I haven’t been able to locate goat milk even after lots of searching around.

I was hoping that it would not affect them like this (it has affected me at all) since the proteins are broken down in the fermenting process. Baby coconuts are not impossible to find, but they are not convienent. I can buy them at an Asian Market in a case of 9 for $15, but I have to drive about 30 minute to buy them. I don’t have an extra fridge to store them, so I couldn’t buy more than 1 box at a time.

Anyone have any suggestions? I want the health benefits, but don’t want the little bumps on the backs of their arms.


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