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flu vaccine danger

My (ridiculously gorgeous) boyfriend Craig got the H1N1 vaccine on Weds. He took his kids to a free clinic–he said it was pandemonium, with people wearing masks and all kinds of crazy stuff.

I could send you to Mike Adams’ (Health Ranger) or Joe Mercola’s sites to read a lot of fear mongering (or good cautionary advice, depending on how you look at it) about the flu vaccine and the H1N1 virus. That’s not my general purpose here, but I do want to say that my family will not be receiving that vaccine or any other.

My tenant and my son had H1N1 already and although for her, it lasted a month, for him it lasted 2 days. I would rather have the flu than the live or killed vaccine, as I trust our well nourished immune systems more than the scattershot effort at “prevention” currently masquerading as a “vaccine.”

Craig’s family got the live-virus nasal spray. You had to choose between the regular flu vaccine and the H1N1 or swine flu vaccine, because you have to have a month in between shots. Being new, the H1N1 vaccine is untested on humans, of course (that would be unethical, though ADMINISTERING it nationwide apparently isn’t). Mercola and Adams are reporting on a lawsuit and many problems resulting from an unacceptably high rate of people getting ill and having scary side effects. People getting the vaccine right now are the guinea pigs.

The day after getting the vaccine, Craig came home from work ill and is still feeling unwell as of this writing on Saturday.

The vaccine industry is part and parcel of the drug industry. Should drugs be an appropriate part of health care strategy? Yes, I believe so, if we were using them about 5 percent of the level that we currently are, for rare situations to save our lives. I wish we could roll back the clock to when penicillin was invented, knowing what we know now, so we could put that stuff under lock and key and give it only in dire, tested, bacterial-infection situations. I wish we could have M.D.s be empowered to study all the sciences that heal us and prevent disease, rather than focusing exclusively on drugs, technology, and surgery. I wish those who practice other modalities  weren’t marginalized as pariahs in their field.

Don’t take my word for it. Please watch this 7-minute video by a veteran pharmaceutical rep called “Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.” She’s talking about how the Rx industry is in the business of keeping you ill, not making you well, and how it dominates and controls much of what happens in “health care”:

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