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we have ORGANIC almonds in the group buy now

Just added a new item, ORGANIC almonds. You can get (with a 100 lb. minimum) regular shelled almonds for $3/lb. Or for $4/lb., you can get 50 lbs.

But now for $5/lb., we can get you ORGANIC, truly raw and unpasteurized almonds (from Spain–impossible to find from California). I have not seen these for less than $8/lb. anywhere.

I personally use regular almonds, and I soak them and discard the water before dehydrating. Your choice. You have to set your price point where you are comfortable based on your budget, paying for organic. My own personal price point is that I’m willing to pay up to 50% more.

Please note the dried apricots and shredded coconut in the store are now ORGANIC and unsulphured.