New Yorkers are nice, and just tells the truth

My daughter and I just had a big laugh this morning. She fulfills book orders for me of The Green Smoothies Diet. If you get the book, you’ll see her 14-y.o. handwriting on your package (but the autograph is mine, LOL!).

She just walked into my office and said, “That lady who asked for two free books because she’d already bought 12 Steps and then bought a blender, is so nice! We didn’t hear back from her so I didn’t send her the books, but a month has gone by and her email, reminding us, is so nice. I thought New Yorkers were mean, but she isn’t!”

I said, “Yeah, she is, and plenty of New Yorkers are very nice. And actually, people everywhere who read our site are actually THE BEST, even when we screw something up.” (I love that my daughter gets to do customer service and learn that people are lovely all over the world.)

But then I remembered a notable exception and told my daughter. A woman took the nutrition quiz on the site, which admittedly has a high bar. If you haven’t taken it, here you go:

Those on my site who are already well down the path of getting away from the S.A.D. do well on it. Those who are newbies but feeling good about the fact that they are making a first step or two–quitting the coffee habit, starting green smoothies after a lifetime of S.A.D.–are sometimes frustrated by it. Sometimes they want to be told they get an “A” for those first steps.

But one woman wrote me recently and screamed, “I eat better than my co-workers and I got an F on your quiz! AN F!!! Fix your stupid quiz!” Well, I wrote her back a nice email. She wrote a week later and said, “I just looked at your quiz again and you haven’t changed anything! F*** YOU, GREENSMOOTHIEGIRL!”

Anyway, Emma and I ROFLOBO. That’s internet/text-speak for Rolled On The Floor Laughing Our Butts Off. (It’s the nice Mormon version of the more standard ROFLMAO.)

Please don’t have your feelings hurt because my bar is high here. Don’t slash your wrists if you get a bad score on the GSG quiz. We’ve strayed so far from good nutrition like billions of indigenous people have eaten for thousands of years, that the comparison (like what’s on my quiz) can be SHOCKING. If knowing what a phenomenal, disease-preventing diet looks like will upset you, please DON’T take the quiz and just start with Step 1 and enjoy the journey.

If I gave my college students an A for high-school writing, no one would try to write outstanding upper-division papers worthy of an elite business school at an outstanding university. That’s where you are if you’re reading this blog/site: I’m teaching you elite nutrition–on a budget for busy people.

I could certainly tell you a bunch of raw-food sites to go to, where the bar is HIGHER.

But this is, in fact, a high-bar kinda place. If I could find a way to TRUTHFULLY tell you that much of anything about the Standard American Diet is good, I would! You’d certainly love me more. (Ditto letting my kids sit around here watching TV without responsibilities–they’d think I’m nice, and fun, but my parenting would be lousy! It’s not going to happen.)

I’m going to just tell you the truth here at GSG. Unvarnished and plain though it may be.