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Kicking off group buy now! raw almonds, nuts, seeds, agave, honey, coconut oil, more

Thank you so much for your patience as we put the ordering process together . . . we are excited to announce that we’re finally able to take orders in this year’s group buy.

The most important part of our buy is raw almonds because they simply aren’t available anywhere else. They are a critical part of your high-nutrition, raw-food, plant-based diet. They are high in fiber and protein, and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You cannot get truly raw almonds anymore through retailers, and if anything says “raw,” that just means “not roasted.” California law in September 2007 mandated pasteurization of almonds, which kills enzyme potential through heat.

That’s why I do this group buy. I get truly raw almonds (only $3/lb. if you get 100 lbs. or more) before they are shipped out to be pasteurized and fumigated and shipped back to the rancher. You can soak the almonds overnight, dehydrate them below 116 degrees, and have an incredible, sprouted, delicious snack year-round.

(Need a dehydrator? Here’s my recommendation for the best one, designed to preserve enzymes and nutrients)

This buy is possible because of a loophole in the law allowing 100 lbs. to be sold to any one individual. You will be asked to provide a name of the recipient of each 100 lbs. of almonds in the order.

You can order for JUST YOURSELF, or you can order for your community of people interested in nutrition and raw plant food.

You can create a repeatable income stream for yourself by signing up for our mailing list as a co-op organizer. It’s free, and I’ll be helping you however I can, to build a list and do group buys once a year or more often, in your community. People will be so thankful to you, and it’s not only a tax writeoff, but also a business that does well in tough economic times when people are putting their money towards preparedness and essentials. We’ve created some local co-op forms to distribute with markups giving you 20-30% profit, as well as a list of profit margin on each item for your records.

We also have, this year, fabulous raw honey, raw/organic agave, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and a number of nuts and seeds for great prices. All of these items are staples in your high-nutrition pantry and food storage. All of these items feature prominently in my program 12 Steps to Whole Foods and the recipe collections on

Before writing us an email, since this order is certain to swamp our customer-service abilities, please check our Frequently Asked Questions first.

We are providing interesting high-nutrition items like a fabulous high-nutrition weight-loss aid, chia seed, and my favorite sweetener, raw agave. I want to educate you about each item’s nutritional properties, how long it will store, and how to use the item. On the home page, just click on Group Buy and choose an item you want to learn about.

This group buy will remain open on the site until November 30. If we run out of capacity on raw almonds, that part of the buy will close and that will be indicated in the store. I do not anticipate running out of anything in the first month of the order (October). Orders taken now will not ship until the 3rd or 4th week of October, since the almonds are harvested starting Oct. 15 and we have to get them here from California. You can place additional orders, but keep in mind that shipping cost goes down based on volume purchased (only $0.25/lb. for orders of 1,100 lbs. or more).

If you can pick up in Lindon, Utah, you can avoid shipping cost by entering UTAH in the Order Summary Special Code field as you order (use all capitals). In that case, you will be notified about when/where to pick up in an email in late October.

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