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group buy coming up

We’re getting tons of emails wanting the details on the group buy of raw almonds and 15 other items (raw agave, other nuts/seeds, coconut oil, etc.). I’m sorry that getting the order form up on the new site has taken longer than expected (lots of variables, and my webmaster hasn’t learned how to use the new applications yet).

But we’re close. I hope to have it up sometime this week. (The whole GSG store will also be new–and better.)

One thing that’s different is that you’ll be able to buy in 50# increments rather than 100#. That should make those who want to buy ONLY for their own use (especially single folks or small families) happy. However, the $3/lb. starts at 100#. 50# will be $4/lb., still an excellent price.

Co-op organizers, remember you will need to enter a name of the recipient for each 100# so we  meet California law.