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Let’s talk weight loss, please

I am so confused.   I have been drinking green smoothies for about 7 weeks now, which have replaced two of my meals because they are so filling, so delicious and full of such great stuff.   But I’m really not losing weight, and I had so hoped eating this way would cause my weight to start burning off.   I’m post-menopausal, about 65 pounds from my goal weight.   I don’t snack anymore.   I’m not cheating. Everything I eat is healthy, and my portions are right.   My smoothies have plenty of greens in them.   I drink lots of water, recently bought a portable alkaline water filter that I keep on my desk at work and refill all day long. My thyroid has been tested and it is fine. I’m moving some, and will move more, but even without it, I *should* be losing weight, and I’ve lost about 5 pounds in 7 weeks — hardly worth cheering about. These 65 p0unds are the same 65 pounds I have gained and lost dozens of times, and most of them were by unhealthy methods (stimulants, starving, over-exercising, etc.)   I wonder if my body is so wacked out from that abuse that it doesn’t know how to lose weight unless it’s done the same old, unhealthy way. That certainly seems to be the case, which is very disheartening.

And what is the best way to lose weight?   Low acid? Low glycemic?   Low calorie? Low carbohydrate? Low fat? Low inflammation? Raw? Vegan? Macrobiotic? Body type? Maker?   Grains/no grains? Blueberries/no blueberries? Almonds/no almond milk? Walnuts/no walnuts? AAACCCHHHH!!!

I am thoroughly confused and deflated.   Is there anyone here who is middle age, had lots of weight to lose, and found a way to do it that is healthy?

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