Spreading the word!

Email from a reader:


I just got off the phone with my mom and had some great news! Several weeks ago, I went to my step-sisters pool with my kids and mom. Of course, I toted along my big jars full of green smoothie. I got the usually, “What the heck is that?” comment. I told my step-sister all about them, gave her some simple suggestions and let her taste mine. She loved it. What I didn’t know is that now she is hooked!!! She and her oldest son have become green smoothie drinkers! She started telling my step-dad all about it and how much better they feel even after just a few days. Now, he wants to know more. The best thing is, my once unbelieving mom, is now extrememly interested as well. I would love to see her on start drinking green smoothies. She is a coffee/soda drinker, her diet is poor, she gets constant migraines, has fibromyalgia, and multitudes of other problems.

People think I am crazy when I start singing the praises of this super simple drink, but their minds are quickly changed when they feel it for themselves.

I have an older neighbor that lives next door. We talk occassionally and she tells me what’s going on in her life and health, she has not been well lately. She told me she was trying to lose about 15 lbs since her doctor told her she had to. She has been drinking the sugar free Slim Fast drinks. I asked her if I could come over and share with her a way that was much more healthy and more likely to help her regain her health and ideal weight. She agreed. I went over today and she is just so excited. Her son is to have his tonsels burned out!!???!!! because of bad allergies. Plus, he is about 50 lbs over weight. Her grandson and daughter-in-law are both very over weight as well. She wants to get all the information she can so she can share it with them too!

I love that I can freely share this love with some many people and see so many changed by such a simple drink and natural substance that we all take for granted!

One question I have…my neighbor is diabetic. How will the fruit smoothies affect her blood sugar? It’s hard for someone to drink a veggie based green smoothie when they are first introduced to the green smoothie concept. It’s easier to give them the sweeter drinks and let them work up to the stronger greens and no fruit green smoothies. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, I have been religiously drinking my green smoothies everyday for 6 weeks. I drink from one to three quarts everyday. I eat a mostly a vegan diet and very high raw. I have lost 17.5 lbs. I have gained incredible energy. I can now run a mile and sometimes more, which I do every other day. My skin has cleared. My PMS is virtually gone, to the point that my cycle snuck up on me last month. My moods have leveled out and I don’t have severe mood swings anymore. I am so much more calm and things just don’t bother me like they used to. I haven’t gotten sick even though I have been around a lot of sickness. I am just amazed at the difference a whole foods diet is making in my life! 🙂

Thanks yall,