October: do you want a GreenSmoothieGirl class in your city?

If you’re near Fullerton, CA (or even as far away as San Diego), do you have a venue and an audience and want me to come do a class in October? I am likely coming to Orange County Oct. 14.

I’m also looking at making stops in Boise, Idaho; Abbotsford, Canada; and Denver, Colorado that week. In some cases, we are looking for another place to teach to make the one-day stop worth it. So if you have connections or really want a class, please contact your favorite health food store or bookstore if you think they’d like to bring people in for a free class.

And Jenni can get you a form for them to fill out so we have information. She is doing my schedule and travel arrangements: support123@greensmoothiegirl.com.

I teach and demonstrate green smoothies and sign books after (The Green Smoothies Diet). You get LOTS more information in the class besides just how to spend 10 minutes a day and radically change your health. We have a lot of fun and hopefully leave everyone in the class excited to implement exciting changes.

We need to get the schedule locked down this week, so please let us know if you’re in those areas (especially Orange County, Denver, and Boise) and want to help put something together!