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raw almonds and 15 other items in upcoming group buy

Newsflash, this blog was hacked into late last week, and I’m sorry you couldn’t read or post comments. It took my webmasters a little while to figure it out, THANKS CHRIS AND RITESH!, but it’s fixed now. The downside is, everyone has to re-register and get a new password. Sorry about that. But please do, because this blog wouldn’t be the same without your comments!

Sometime in the next 10 days, you’ll get a newsletter about our group buy coming up (it’ll start shipping when the almonds are shelled Oct. 15-30). We’re going to do not only almonds, but also the  additional 15 items below. We will be shipping nationwide, and shipping is only $0.25/lb. if you have an order of 1,100 lbs. or more (a bit more may be added  for a handful of states).

So please note you can’t place an order yet, but you could be organizing a co-op. It’s my #3 best way to save money eating whole and raw food. And if you’re willing to do a little work (gathering/distributing orders, building your co-op list, etc.), you can make an income, from home, helping others.

Raw, unpasteurized almonds $3/lb. (100 lb. orders, each person’s name who is getting 100 lbs. will be required–you can break it down for multiple people though)

Organic, extra-virgin coconut oil $45/gal.

Dark raw, organic agave $130/4 gal.

Extra-virgin olive oil in tin (will keep YEARS), $150 for 6 one-gallon tins

VitaMineral Green 6 bottle case, 17.6 oz. each, a 1-yr. supply for 2 people (using 1 tsp. 3x daily as I recommend in water) $250

Pecan halves, 30#, $5/lb.

Hulled sunflower seeds, 25#, $1.62/lb.

Pumpkin seeds, 27.5#, $3.18/lb.

Cashew pieces, 25#, $4.06/lb.

Sesame seeds, 25#, $2/lb.

Chia seeds, 25#, $4.70/lb.

Organic flaxseed, 25#, $1.64/lb.

Dates (chopped), 30#, $1.40/lb.

Dried apricots (Turkish, diced), 28#, $2.90/lb.

Shredded coconut, 25#, $1.66/lb.

I am particularly excited about the chia seed, great price! Eat a spoonful when you’re hungry but don’t want to eat (like after dinner–not a good time to be eating if you want to lose weight), chased by a big glass of water, and it fills you up. High protein, incredible nutritional profile, great omega fatty acids you need from food because your body can’t provide them.

All items are raw (except cashews are virtually never truly raw because of heat needed to extract), organic only if indicated in the above list.

I am working on a page on the site to describe each item’s nutritional properties and why each one is in my group buy and recommended in the GreenSmoothieGirl dietary approach. I will announce all that here, and in the newsletter.

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