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Trouble purchasing 12 Steps

Hi Robyn I am a big fan of your website and am finally ready to work through the 12 steps, but am getting so frustrated with trying to purchase it online! I have tried twice, and both attempts have been rejected. I called my bank and they confirmed that they authorised both purchase attempts but […]

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More Blender Stuff

How do you clean the stubborn white film in the plastic blender jar? ( it must be the Flax..) THANKS!  

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It’s a long and winding road to good nutrition!

In my first newsletters, I told you a little about the rocky path to health that my family and I traversed.  It’s not very often clear and linear, that path, is it?  You try a lot of dumb stuff, yucky recipes you throw away, before you end up at the truth—and that’s if you’re lucky.  […]

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